A range of 12v and 24v LED Tape including 4.8w, 9.6w, 14.4w ans 19.2w

A range of 12v and 24v LED Tape including 4.8w, 9.6w, 14.4w ans 19.2w

What is the difference between 12v and 24v LED Tape?…

When looking to buy LED tape there are various wattage’s, brightness’s and specifications to choose from, but What is the difference between 12v and 24v LED Tape? and which should you go for?

Here at InStyle LED all our products are commercial grade using premium components and we have been designing the LED tape for over 8 years to create the best specification led tape. Therefore if you buy LED tape from InStyle LED that is either 12V or 24V that means that it is perfect for that LED tape to give optimum output and long life.

Many cheap alternative suppliers do not manage the resistors on the LED tape correctly or do not manage the correct voltage per individual type LED tape. This can greatly affect the life of the LED’s and can also lead to voltage drop from the start to the finish of the LED tape reel.

For white LED tape:

12v is ideal for the lower wattage LED tapes, for example the 4.8W and 9.6W would be 12V. This will give full brightness along the strip up to approximately 6 meters,  after a 6M length you will start to see a noticeable dip in brightness due to voltage drop so this is when you will require another reel of LED tape and this will be wired parallel back to the transformer. We supply the strips in standard 5 metre reels as this is the optimum length. We can however supply the LED tape to the nearest cut point if you require. The 12V 4.8W and 9.6W cut points are every 50mm.

For the 14.4W and 19.2W LED tapes this need to be 24V. This is because 24V Carry’s the current better and will give full brightness across the LED tape up to  approx 6 metres. Again these are supplied in standard 5m reels but we can supply them to the nearest cut point. For the 14.4W LED tape the cut points are every 100mm. For the 19.2W the cut points are every 50mm.

Many cheap alternative companies supply the 14.4W LED tape in 12V. This is not enough voltage to give 100% brightness along a 5M length. All high bright LED tapes should be 24V.

For RGB LED tape:

The standard RGB 7.2W LED tape is available in 12V or 24V. The advantages of the RGB 7.2W 12V are that the cut points are every 100mm, however this type is available in 5 meter reels; any longer length than about 6M you will start to notice the lights dimming due to voltage drop. The advantages of the RGB 7.2W 24V LED tape type is that this is available in 10M lengths without getting a voltage drop. This tape is ideal for larger projects or to reduce cabling.

The RGB 14.4W is supplied in 24V to carry the current better for the higher power. Again these come in 5M reels as standard and voltage drop is noticeable after approx 6 meters.

Summary of what voltage LED tape you should use for what wattage:

Whites –
4.8W LED tape = 12V
9.6W LED tape = 12V
14.4W LED tape = 24V only
19.2W LED tape = 24V only

7.2W LED tape = 12V / 24V (24V can run up to 10M lengths)
14.4w LED tape = 24V only

Warning: Avoid 12V 14.4W LED tape,this should be 24V only

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