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20 Watt White LED Tape

3528 SMD, 240 LEDs Per Metre
Commercial Grade

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This 240 LEDs per metre strip light complements our 5-watt and 10-watt white LED tapes perfectly. It uses the same Epistar-branded 3528 LEDs so you’ll get 100% colour-matching across all three types of tape.

With an impressive 240 SMDs mounted on each metre of PCB, this thin and flexible white LED strip light gives you a fantastically smooth light-wash effect on any surface. It can be used with our shallow-recess aluminium extrusions (just 7mm in depth) for even smoother diffusion.

10mm wide and twice as bright as 10-watt LED tape, this tape is ideal for use as general or ‘working light’. It draws 19.2w to output up to 1920 lumens (per metre), with a life of 50,000 hours’ continuous use.

Like all of our strip lighting range, InStyle’s 20-watt white 240-LED tape is available in standard 5m reels. You can cut it to the nearest 25mm for all your projects. Or we can cut and solder your order to any length you need. For bathrooms, exterior projects and other locations where resistance to water is required, our 20-watt LED strips can be supplied to IP67 standards – fully protected against dust and the effects of immersion.

  • Commercial Grade LED Tape
  • High Quality Branded LED Chip
  • Thick 2oz PCB board for maximum heat dispersion
  • High grade, long lasting resistors to stop LED chip damage
  • Premium white coating for  protection of the PSB board and to stop short circuiting
  • Exceptionally smooth linear effect
  • Colour-rendering index – 85+
  • Product Codes:
    W-20-240 (Pure White) / W-20-240 (Pure White Splashproof)
    NW-20-240 (Neutral White) / NW-20-240-65 (Neutral White Splashproof)
    WW-20-240 (Warm White) / WW-20-240-65 (Warm White Splashproof)
Product20 Watt White LED tape
LED Wattage:19.2 Watts per metre
Voltage:24 Volts
Standard Colours:Pure White (6000k)
Warm White (2800k)
IP RatingNo coating or
IP65/IP67 heatshrink
LED Chip3528 SMD
LED Life70% @ 50,000 Hours
No. of LEDs:240 LEDs per metre
Lumens:Pure White = 1920lm
Neutral White = 1800lm
Warm White = 1680lm
Beam Angle:120 degrees
Cut Points:25mm
Reel Lengths5 Metres
Tape width:10mm
Tape Height3mm
    Launch InStyle's LED white light comparison tool

    Why not try our white-light comparison tool to see which shade is best for your home, business or other location?

    Fully compatible with these LED controllers

    1-zone wireless wall dimmer

    1-zone wireless desktop dimmer

    5-zone remote dimmer

    2-zone wireless wall dimmer

    4-zone LED wall dimmer

    Easy RF LED dimmer package

    20 Watt white LED Tape Datasheet PDF

    20 Watt White LED Tape Datasheet PDF


    When looking to use white LED lighting you may think it would be a very simple choice to choose as there is only one option…white?
    Wrong; there are actually different various shades of white to choose from.

    The 3 main shade descriptions of whites are:

    • Warm White (also known as soft white) – being described as warm white does not mean that it is warm to touch, the warm is actually describing the shade of white the LED lights up. Warm white tends to be a slightly yellow/brown in colour just like your standard halogen light bulbs. Warm white tends to be used to give a warm, homely feel. The technical specification of warm white is anything from 2700k – 3200k (lower being warmer)
    • Pure White (also known as daylight white, commercial white, bright white) – this is the closest resemblance to daylight white, it tends not to have any yellow (warm) or blue (cool) tint to it. This is used in commercial applications and also to highlight areas; it is generally brighter than warm white. On the kelvin scale pure white would be anything from 4500k to 6000k (lower being warmer)
    • Cool White – this white is used the least out of the 3 as it is generally too ‘cool’ (blue tint) for commercial and general use. However it is the brightest white and can be used to highlight areas. It still looks very white and the blue tint is extremely faint. This is great to create a cool, crisp feel. On the kelvin scale this would be 6500k+

    For more information, see our support page explaining all your white LED tape options.

    LED strips are designed to be very flexible. Their PCBs (printed circuit boards) are so robust that many LED tape products can be bent up to 90 degrees with no difficulty.

    Be aware that higher-power LED strips are less flexible than lower-power ones. This is because the LED modules are placed closer together on high-power strips, and require wider PCBs (for more heat dispersal).

    For more info and examples, check out our support page.

    To work out what transformer you require this is quite simple. You take the amount of LED tape you have in metres and x this by the wattage of the LED tape you have, again per metre.

    For example 12m of 19.2w LED tape: 12 x 19.2w = 230.4w Therefore you would require a 300w transformer.

    For more information, see our support page on LED power supplies and their output.

    This LED tape can be dimmed in various ways.

    One option is with our dimmable power supplies: we have 24v transformers in 30w and 100w versions. These can then be dimmed off a standard TRIAC wall dimmer (standard in households).

    We also have TRIAC dimmable receivers; these go in-between the transformer and the LED strip. For our 20-watt tape, choose a 24v version, which is ideal for larger projects that use larger transformers such as the 320w.

    Another option is our 0-10v receivers. They go in-between the transformer and the LED tape and can be linked to such systems as Lutron.

    We also have the option to dim via DMX. We have DMX receivers available to work with DMX desks and systems to allow you to fully dim as required. Again these go in-between the transformers and LED tape and can be linked together to dim all the receivers at once.

    For more information, see our support page comparing options for LED dimming.

    For this type of LED tape you will require just a transformer to get this working. You connect the 2 core starter lead coming out of one end. This is then wired to the transformer, red wire goes to + and the black wire is wired to -. The 2 core cable can be extended as required for you to mount the transformer as far away as required.

    For more information, choose one of these links for support and advice on how to install either simple or larger LED tape projects.

    InStyle LED manufacture and supply commercial-grade LED strip lights – which means our products are high quality and built to last, using only premium components and branded LEDs:

    • Brighter LEDs
    • Vibrant and consistent colours
    • Accurate life expectancy
    • Sturdy PCBs
    • Excellent resistor management

    Find out more on our ‘commercial-grade LED’ support page.

    Deciding on which wattage you require is all down to what kind of application you are fitting the LED tape in.

    The 5w and 10w is ideal to be used as feature lighting. Lighting to highlight areas, as a secondary lighting. Ideal for covings, drop down ceilings signage etc. to give a smooth halo effect. The 10w would be preferred to the 5w for these applications if there is a high amount of ambient lighting.

    The 15w and 20w is ideal to be used as general lighting or as feature lighting for areas larger than covings etc. For example washing down front bars / back bars / under kitchen cabinet lighting as ‘working light’.

    For more information, see our support page discussing how bright your LED tape needs to be.

    All of our LED strips are cuttable. Each can be cut at various points, either 50mm,100mm,150mm or 200mm depending on whitch wattage version you have. We can either cut the lengths to your specific lengths as required or you can do this yourself. Once cut to length to join this to a transformer or another piece you will need to be capable of soldering, or if not we also supply 2 types of clips. One type is a starter lead clip, which is s clip that joins onto the off cut and has a cable coming out of it. The other clip is a ‘tape to tape clip’, this clip joins 2 pieces together.

    For more information, see these links offering advice and support on cutting and soldering your LED tape, or using clip-on connectors to extend your tape’s length.

    If you’ve ordered your LED tapes cut to custom lengths from us, with all the starter-leads and flexible leads for corners that your project requires, then you’ve most likely got everything you need already!

    But for some installations, the following accessories may prove useful:


    This product is inVyci compatible

    Premium-brand customers supplied by InStyle LED


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