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200 Watt Dimmable Transformer for LED Strip Lights

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TRIAC transformer & dimmerSetting up your TRIAC transformer

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200 Watt Triac Dimmable Transformer

200-Watt TRIAC LED Driver

IP67-rated dimmable power-supply, Constant Voltage
Commercial Grade

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InStyle LED’s 200-watt dimmable transformer is a high-quality IP67-rated power supply. Which means it’s waterproof and therefore can be used both internally or externally.

Available in either 12v or 24v with no minimum load, this is a TRIAC-dimmable transformer – so it’s driven by a standard mains 240v power supply and can be dimmed using many standard household rotary dimmer switches. (Use InStyle’s own TRIAC wall dimmer/remote pack, or alternatively we recommend Aurora’s AU-DSP400X dimmer module and Varilight’s V-Pro series.)

Manufactured to commercial grade and hardwired at both input and output, this transformer has no fan and no exposed terminals. These units are very reliable, with a slimine design and mountable brackets for easy installation, and they are compatible with Lutron, Rako, Crestron and similar lighting control systems.

The transformer can power any of our LED tapes, up to a maximum of 200w. (As long as the LED tape’s voltage matches the voltage of the transformer).

TRIAC (TRIode for AC) power supplies are sometimes know as phase dimmers or phase-cut dimming transformers. To learn more about TRIAC dimming, please see our LED dimming support page.

Input voltage: 180-250V AC. Output voltage: 12V or 24V (2 separate transformer options). This item is RoHS compliant and conforms to all UK safety standards.

  • Commercial Grade Transformer
  • Ideal for internal use
  • Compatible with Lutron, Rako, Crestron and other lighting control systems
  • Product Codes: TR-200-12-IP (12 volt) / TR-200-24-IP (24 volt)
Product200 Watt Driver
Wattage Output:200 Watts
Voltage Output:12 or 24 Volts
Amp Output:16.5A (12V) or 8.3A (24V)
Voltage Input:180-250V~
Amp Input:1.76A (50/60Hz)
IP Rating:IP67
Warranty:2 Years
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes


Product Codes: TR-200-12-IP (12 volt) / TR-200-24-IP (24 volt)

ProductMax Length of LED Tape
5 Watt LED Tape 40 Meters
7.5 Watt LED Tape 26 Meters
10 Watt LED Tape 20 Meters
15 Watt LED Tape 13 Metres
20 Watt LED Tape 10 Metres

200 Watt Dimmable Transformer Datasheet PDF

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200-Watt IP-Rated TRIAC Transformer for LEDs by InStyle
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