Multichannel DMX receiver for LEDs (4 x 5 amps)

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Wiring Diagram

DMX Receiver Wiring Diagram

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4-Channel DMX 512 Receiver

Standard Power (4x5A), Multizone RGB
Commercial Grade

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This DMX receiver from InStyle LED’s is a 4-channel DMX 512 decoder that can be linked and used with any standard DMX 512 protocol receivers / controllers.

Our range of DMX receivers have terminals for power input and output. This 4-channel DMX control module draws an input of either 12v or 24v, and will output up to 4 x 5 amps (that’s a maximum output of 5 amps per channel). The receiver is typically used to control RGB/RGBW products such as RGB LED tape, but you can also use it with single-colour LED tape.

The DMX receiver offers RJ45 sockets for the data signal, and can be daisy-chained using Cat 5 cable wired back to a controller. InStyle LED can provide a wiring diagram for a 3-pin XLR-to-RJ45 cable, if your controller or other products use 3-pin XLR. You can link together as many DMX receivers as you need, but bear in mind that you will need a signal-booster to boost the controller signal after 50 DMX receivers.

What is a DMX LED receiver – and why do I need one?

A DMX LED receiver is a controller receiver. With a DMX receiver, there is no limit to the number of receivers you can link together – which means no limit to the lights you can control off one single controller.

Each DMX receiver can be controlled individually or grouped together. This means the LED lights wired to one DMX receiver can do something different to the other DMX receivers around it. This can be extremely effective for DMX control of large projects such as bars, clubs, restaurants and theatres, where a programmer can pre-set lighting programmes through a linked PC desk.

If you’re looking for a simple DMX wall controller, InStyle LED also stocks a controller with a stainless steel wall-plate. This kind of DMX control is ideal for homes, bars, restaurants and much more. The wall controller comes complete with pre-programmed settings and is very simple to use.

  • Commercial Grade DMX LED Receiver
  • Ideal for internal use
  • Product Code: RC-DMX-4
Product4-Channel DMX Receiver
Decode CHt:1-4
Signal Input:Standard DMX 512 Protocol
Output Signal:0~24V Pulse Width Modulation
Ouput (per Channel):60 watts (12V) /
120 watts (24V)
Voltage Input:DC, +12~24V
Power Output:240W 12V / 480W 24V
Operating Temp:0~70℃
Warranty:2 Years
Product Code:RC-DMX-4
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes
Length168 mm
Width:51 mm
Height22 mm
Product to be controlledMax Length of LED Tape
12v, 5 watt White LED Tape 12 metres
12v, 7.5 watt RGB LED Tape 24 metres
12v, 10 watt White / RGBW LED Tape6 metres / 24 metres
24v, 12 watt White / Dual-White LED Tape10 metres / 20 metres
24v, 15 watt Single-Colour / RGB LED Tape8 metres / 24 metres
24v, 20 watt White / RGBW LED Tape6 metres / 24 metres
24v 24 watt White / Dual-White LED Tape5 metres / 10 metres
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…Or why not try our LED receiver output calculator to find how much LED tape your receiver can drive?

4-Channel DMX Receiver Datasheet PDF

4-Channel DMX Receiver Datasheet PDF

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