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4 Channel Wireless Wall Dimmer

4-channel wireless LED wall dimmer - side view

4-channel wireless LED wall dimmer - back view

Multichannel LED receiver

Multichannel LED receiver (sold separately)

Compact power supply for LED dimmers / LED controllers

4-Zone Wireless
Wall Dimmer

RF Dimmer + WIFI option
Commercial Grade

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InStyle LED’s 4-zone wireless wall dimmer uses an RF (radio frequency) signal to wirelessly dim and raise lighting levels. The wall-unit is a 4 gang controller with an attractive white-glass finish. Each control can be linked to a separate ‘zone’, which can be dimmed independently or synchronised together – touch to turn on and touch to turn off, hold down to dim and hold down again to light back up.

This wall controller will require a small transformer to power it, and a controller receiver for each zone. Each receiver provides a maximum of 8 amps per channel – so one channel can drive up to 96w of 12v LED tape, or up to 192w of 24v LED tape.

The controller also offers the option for control via WiFi (this requires an additional Wifi adaptor), enabling you to dim your LED tape using your phone.

  • Commercial Grade Wall Dimmer
  • Ideal for internal use
  • Logarithmic dimming from 0-100%
  • 4 gang dimmer, to control four zones. Hold buttons to dim (256 levels)
  • Controls both standard or high power 12v/24v LED tape
  • Can control up to 96 watts of 12v / 192 watts of 24v LED tape
  • Radio remote doesn’t need to be ‘line of site’ with receiver
  • Remote works up to 20m away from receiver (RF)
  • Easy to install
  • Product Code: DM-WALL-4
Product4-Zone Wall Dimmer
Radio Frequency:434MHz/868MHz
Voltage Input:DC12~DC24
Warranty:2 Years
Dimensions (mm):90 x 90 x 38
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes


Product Code: DM-WALL-4

ProductMax Length
of LED Tape
12v, 4.8 watt LED Tape 80 Meters
12v, 9.6 watt LED Tape 40 Meters
24v, 14.4 watt LED Tape 55 Metres
24v, 19.2 watt LED Tape 40 Metres

Single-Channel Wireless Wall Dimmer Datasheet PDF

4-Channel Wall Dimmer for single-colour LEDs Datasheet PDF

This product is inVyci compatible

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