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5-channel RF receiver for 5-colour compound LEDs (dual-white / RGB mix)

5-channel receiver for 5-colour LEDs - terminals closed

5-channel RF receiver for 5-colour LEDs (dual-white + RGB)

Wiring Diagram

Wiring your 5-channel LED receiver for dual-white/RGB LEDs

5-Channel LED Receiver (5 Amp)

For Compound Dual-White / RGB LED tape
RF with wifi option
Commercial Grade

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Built specifically for use with InStyle’s compound dual-white / RGB LED strip lights, this multichannel LED receiver offers five control-channels – enough to mix a full red, green, blue, warm-white & cool-white light-palette. The receiver outputs 5 x 5 amps (up to 300W with 12V LED tape, or 600W with 24V tape).

You can set multiple LED receivers units to one lighting zone, or they can be set independently to different zones, within a range of up to 20 metres. To control your compound dual-white / RGB LED tapes, why not choose InStyle’s Dual-White / RGB LED Controller. Simply press the receiver’s button to pair your LED controller and receiver.

All of our multichannel LED receivers offer the option of wifi connection as well. Using wifi, you don’t even need a controller – you can control your LED lighting through an app on your phone or tablet!

If your project doesn’t need five colour-channels, then please check out our 4-channel x 5amp or 4-channel x 8amp LED receivers.

  • Commercial Grade Multichannel Receiver
  • Ideal for internal use
  • 5 channels – 60W each (12V), 120W each (24V)
  • Product Code: RC-RF-5COL
Product5-channel Wireless Receiver
Input Signal:RF (with wifi option)
Voltage:DC, +12~24V
Ouput (per Channel):60 watts (12V) /
120 watts (24V)
Warranty:2 Years
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes
Length:127 mm
Width:44 mm
Length:23 mm

Product Code: RC-RF-5COL

Product to be controlledMax Length of LED Tape
12v, 5 watt White LED Tape 12 metres
12v, 7.5 watt RGB LED Tape 24 metres
12v, 10 watt White / RGBW LED Tape6 metres / 24 metres
24v, 12 watt White / Dual-White LED Tape10 metres / 20 metres
24v, 15 watt Single-Colour / RGB LED Tape8 metres / 24 metres
24v, 20 watt White / RGBW LED Tape6 metres / 24 metres
24v 24 watt White / Dual-White LED Tape5 metres / 10 metres
Launch InStyle's LED Receiver Output calculator

…Or why not try our LED receiver output calculator to find how much LED tape your receiver can drive?

Multichannel Wireless Receiver Datasheet PDF

This product is inVyci compatible

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5-channel wireless receiver (5A) for LEDs by InStyle
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