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60 Watt Mean Well Transformer for LED Strip Lights

Wiring Diagram

White LED Tape Wiring Diagram

60-Watt Meanwell LED Driver

IP67-rated LED power supply / transformer
LPV-60-12 / LPV-60-24
Commercial Grade

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The 60w IP67 LED transformer (LPV-60-12 / LPV-60-24) is a premium branded Meanwell transformer, built to last. Tried and tested for long life and reliability, Meanwell transformers are ideal for use with InStyle’s LED tape range. This LED transformer is available in both 12v and 24v, and has no minimum load. The LED transformer can power up to 60w of any of our LED tapes – as long as the tape’s voltage matches the voltage of your transformer. Both our 12V transformer and 24V transformer models are fully enclosed, so they’re safe to touch and can be installed in most locations. You can wire your transformer directly into a 240v supply or you can simply wire a UK 3-pin plug to the transformer and plug into a standard 3-pin socket.

This item is RoHS compliant and conforms to all UK safety standards.

  • Commercial Grade Transformer
  • Ideal for internal or external use
  • IP67 rated (waterproof)
  • Product Codes: LPV-60-12 (12 volt) / LPV-60-24 (24 volt)
Product60 Watt Driver
Wattage Output:60 Watts
Voltage Output:DC12V or DC24V
Amp Output:5A (12V) or 2.5A (24V)
IP Rating:IP67
Dimmable:No (unless a dimming receiver is added)
Warranty:2 Years
Product Code:LPV-60-12 (12V), LPV-60-24 (24V)
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes
Length:164 mm
Width:43 mm
Height32 mm


Product Codes: LPV-60-12 (12 volt) / LPV-60-24 (24 volt)

ProductMax Length of LED Tape
5 Watt LED Tape 12.5 Meters
7.5 Watt LED Tape 8 Meters
10 Watt LED Tape 6.25 Meters
15 Watt LED Tape 4 Metres
20 Watt LED Tape 3 Metres

60 Watt IP67 Meanwell Transformer Datasheet PDF

Premium-brand customers supplied by InStyle LED


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60-watt Meanwell LED power supply (IP67-rated) by InStyle
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by Michael G on 60-watt Meanwell LED power supply (IP67-rated) by InStyle
Mean Well

Mean Well transformers are the best, and instyle have them at a good price. Helpful and reliable.