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Case Studies that use the RGB LED Wall Washer

Sence nightclub, Birmingham

Wiring Diagrams: DMX control & RF control

RGB Wall WasherRGB Wifi Multizone Controller With Wall Washer


Wall Washer (IP65)

24 LEDs per metre, mixes light at source
Commercial Grade

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InStyle LED’s high-power RGBW LED wall washer is a stunning ultra-slim aluminium light baton.

Our most popular wall-wash product, this aluminium light bar is available in 0.5m or 1m lengths. By mixing light from its red, blue, green and white LEDs at source, the wall washer can create any shade of any colour you choose, producing vibrant colour washes (including pastels).

Drawing 96 watts and 24 volts, these wall washers are perfect if you’re looking for ultra-bright lighting – powerful enough to produce brightness up to a whopping 6,000 lumens per metre!

With 24 RGBW LEDs mounted per metre, each with a 45-degree optic lens to extend the reach of its light, this wall washer is designed to give you a high-powered colour wash that can easily illuminate several metres down walls or across ceilings. Our wall washer is ideal for signage, hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars. And the sealed units are water-resistant and dustproof (IP65-rated), meaning you can install them both internally and externally.

Controlling the RGBW LED Wall Washer:

You can control your RGBW LED wall washers using one of InStyle’s UK-made Power Driver 320s. This unit is an all-in-one DMX receiver and power supply, which uses the very latest technology to let you power up to 3 x 1m LED wall washers (or a big 6 x 0.5m wall washers!) with just one power driver.

Our Power Driver 320 is essentially a ready-to-go installation kit. Once it’s in place, you’ll be able to control your lights via any DMX512 controller – this can be an simple-to-install, easy-to-use product like our wall controller (product details here), or you can use your own DMX controller from a laptop, or use a DMX desk, or one of many other options.


Each RGBW LED wall washer has rotating fixing brackets. You can use them to screw the unit into position, before adjusting the angle more precisely. For external installations, we offer watertight cables to connect to your power supply. Internally, you can simply cut away the watertight adapter and use our standard 5-core wiring to extend the cables as you require.

  • Commercial Grade RGBW Wall Washer
  • Ideal for internal and external use
  • 96 watts, 24 volts
  • Limitless colours – vibrant primary and pastel shades with
    RGBW mixing
  • Bar, restaurant, club, casino, entertainment complex,
    decorative features
  • Product Code: OT-???
LED Wattage: 96 watts per fitting
Voltage: 24 volts
IP Rating IP65
LED Life 70% @ 50,000 Hours
No. of LED’s: 24 per metre
Lumens: up to 6,000 lpm
Beam Angle: 45 degrees
Dimensions: 1004mm x 45mm x 33mm

96W RGBW LED Wall-Washer Datasheet PDF

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