We’ve got some beautiful pics of a new bathroom refurbishment by our good friends at Propserve. Check it out in our blog – and be inspired!

This bathroom upgrade utilises a total of 10 metres of RGBW LED striplights. These LEDs will output to 720 lumens per metre of LED strip – an ideal brightness for highlights and other decorative lighting applications!

Jay at Propserve Property Services of Lichfield chose to order the LEDs heatsealed to IP65 level by InStyle’s experienced technical staff providing splashproof protection . This is a wise choice for bathrooms, and for kitchens too.

The LEDs’ colour-mixing and dimming is all controlled by a handy remote controller kit, which you can see below:

Bathroom refurb and LED lighting by InStyle & Priopserve

Propserve Property Services of Lichfield

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