NERO lights up – live show backdrop shines with InStyle

NERO’s 2015 live tour got atmospheric with colour-changing RGBW LED strip lights from InStyle.

Production manager Craig Sherwood has just sent us these impressive pics of the fantastic stage design that served as backdrop for the electronic trio.

Alana Watson onstage in Germany

Craig’s set design used 62 metres of 20-watt RGBW LED strips (he chose a colour temperature of 6000K for the white LEDs – a pure white), controlled by eleven of our 4-channel DMX receivers. To create the smooth diffusion effect that the event required, the LED strips were all mounted in frosted tube-surface aluminium extrusions.

This light rig was powered by just seven LED transformers (5 x 200 watts and 2 x 100 watts)

Craig told us the light from InStyle’s RGBW LEDs was “looking good… and fabulously bright”. He’s currently preparing the lighting design for Hurts, the Manchester electronic pop duo – again using InStyle’s LED product range.

Stage lights set to pure white

Stage lights outputting coloured light

Dubstep / electronic trio NERO are Dan Stephens, Joe Ray and Alana Watson. Their debut album Welcome Reality reached number one in the UK Albums chart. Their remix of Promises with Skrillex won a Grammy in 2013.