New InStyle LED strip extrusions

InStyle LED are always at the forefront of technology when it comes to LED lighting. We have our own designers and research team bringing the customer the latest and innovative products to solve problems and solutions.

A range of aluminum LED extrusions is available from InStyle - next day delivery!

Our InStyle LED tape is a best seller and is being used more and more in various applications. We therefore want to bring out LED tape accessories to be used with the LED tape to solve problems and to make the product even more complete.

Therefore we have designed and manufactured various LED strip extrusions.
The extrusions are designed to solve various problems with various covers from diffused to optic.
All the extrusions are supplied as standard in 1 meter lengths but can be simply cut with a hack saw. They are premium quality aluminium that works as a heat sink and that offers protection for the LED tape against touch. The extrusion allows the LED tape to be fit into areas where it could not previously be fit.
Here are the 4 types of extrusion and there specification.

Surface mount Diffused:

Surface mounted LED profile

This extrusion has a frosted diffused lens. This is designed to let the light still go through the frosted lens but allows the LED tape to be on view and looked act, giving a smooth effect as opposed to seeing the individual LED’s.

Optic lens:

Optic-lens LED extrusion

The Optic Lens extrusion is designed to bring the wide beam angle (120 degrees) of the LED tape to around 60 degrees. This makes the LED tape to ‘throw’ light further making it ideal as a wall washer.

Corner lens:

This is a frosted corner lens diffusing the LED tape so it can be looked at and allowing you to fit the LED tape where you normally wouldn’t. This extrusion allows you to fit the LED tape into corner areas and steps etc.

Tube cover:

The tube cover is a frosted cover shaped similar to a fluorescent tube. The idea of this extrusion is to replicate fluorescent tubes and allowing you to fit the LED tape into areas where it would normally look abnormal and giving you a LED fluorescent replacement

For further information visit our aluminium extrusions page…