Pong Coffee Table

In a previous post we had an LED project that feature a digital clock that played a game of pong to tell the time, with this Pong LED project you can play Pong on a coffee table.

This classic arcade game can be played on a coffee table and now has the added feature of adding two extra players into the mix meaning you can play the game with four players. The Pong Coffee Table consist of 900 red LED‘s that are arranged in a 30 x 30 matrix, and there are four micro controllers that are used to control each players bat.

These micro controllers are in fact the analogue controllers that were taken from an Atari 2600 video game system, you simple twist them clockwise and counter clockwise to move the respective bat on the LED screen. To power the coffee tables LED screen it doesn’t take that much power as it is in fact powered by 4 AA batteries. As for how long this will last the Youtube user that created this project 00retrobrad00 states that it will last for 2 months if played for about 30 minutes each day.

If you fancy having ago at making this Pong Coffee Table then you will need a fair few parts in which to achieve this including, 900 red LED’s (although you could use a different colour if you do not want to have red ones), 4 x Atari paddle controllers, 4 x AA Batteries, Hot melt glue sticks and a glue gun, Solder and solder iron, screws and wires. For a full list of what you need and the software to actually play the Pong game you can find it here in this guide on how to build it.

Take a look at this video below for the Pong Coffee Table in four player action, and other game modes you can play.

Super Pong retro LED coffee table