RGB LED Spinning Ball

A YouTube user named Forssa1 created this gorgeous RGB LED Spinning-Ball device, using some spare parts and LED lights they had lying around.

LED Spinning Ball project, with blue, green and red LEDs

This RGB LED Spinning Ball project uses one blue LED, one green LED and one red LED. A standard DC motor, controlled by pulse width modulation, was used to power the device and make the lights move around . The LEDs are controlled through a modified bike light with adjustable frequency: the LEDs flash at different intervals, generating a range of lighting effects and creating a ball-like image. Take a look at the above video to see how it all comes together to create the ball of light illusion.

If you check out the YouTube user’s channel, they have a few other light projects which are rather interesting as well. This one is a video of their first attempt at creating the RGB LED Spinning Ball:

RGB LED spinning ball - First-cut design

And this next video shows a laser light being used to create a similar experience as the spinning ball.

360° spinning laser lamp

To see more of this user’s videos, here is the link to the Forssa’s YouTube channel.