Sleek New Dimmer Range From InStyle

At InStyle LED, we’re very excited to launch our brand new range of dimming controllers for white and single-colour LED tapes.

Wireless Wall Dimmer (1 Zone)

  • Single gang rotary wall dimmer

Wireless Desktop Dimmer (1 Zone)

  • Single gang desktop dimmer

Each of these contemporary-style dimmers has a sleek glass finish, and works wirelessly with RF (radio frequency) – which means there’s no need to position them in line of sight with the receiver. They range from wall panels with a choice of controls – including rotary knobs, touch-switches and touch-wheels – through to convenient desktop units and a handy wireless remote dimmer.

Our new range gives you a choice from dimmers offering single-zone control, all the way to our 5-channel remote. Ideal for homes, restaurants, and bars, this remote unit will enable you to control multiple areas (or even separate rooms) from one place.

To learn more or to place an order, call us at 0116 2799 083.

2 Zone Wireless Wall Dimmer

  • 2 Zone Wireless Wall Dimmer

4 Zone Wireless Wall Dimmer

  • 4 Zone Wireless Wall Dimmer