Snowboarding has just got brighter

Snowboarding has just got brighter with this fantastic suit that has been covered from top to bottom with white LED lights for a short film shot at night.

Snowboarder in an LED enveloped suit

Jacob Sutton is a fashion photographer and film maker and decided that for his next project he would he would travel to the slopes of Tignes in the Rhone Alpes in the south of France, and shoot his next short film there. He enlisted the help of snowboarder vet William Hughes, and kitted him out with LED enveloped suit designed and constructed by designer and electronics whiz John Spatcher.

Once the suit was complete, the team spent three nights on the slopes capturing footage of Hughes doing his stuff  in the full LED suit for the video in -25c conditions (which you can see in the video posted above). The camera they used to capture the impressive footage was a $58,000 (£37,000) camera – the RED Epic – which is capable of amazing detailed hi-res images at very high frame rates.

The video is beautifully shot and, because of the RED Epic camera, the image looks incredibly smooth and crisp – capturing all the movements of Hughes, the impressive white LED suit and the powder kicked up from the snowboard, all in freezing cold conditions and at night!