Super Nintendo LED Toaster Mod

Following on from the post before of the Xbox 360 LED toaster mod, here is a classic video gaming console to get this LED toaster mod, the Super Nintendo LED Toaster Mod.

Super Nintendo - LED toaster mod

A Youtube user vomitsaw has done much the same that was done with the Xbox 360 toaster, by taking out all the insides of a toaster and then took the insides of the the Super Nintendo (SNES) and placed them into the toaster. To achieve this mod it required a toaster, SNES, four different types of adhesives, magnets that were taken from broken hard drives, six orange LED lights, lots of resistors, plexiglass and lots and lots of wires.

To use the Super Nintendo LED toaster mod console (SNoaster, anyone?) is very similar to how you would normally use the snes consoles, only you load your game cartridge into the left hand side bread slot and push down to slot it into the game cart reader slot. On the right hand side the second bread slot is now used to plug in your controllers with the two ports that would normally be found on the front of the snes. On the back of the toaster the power cable is already connected to the system and just needs to be plugged into the mains socket, and to connect the console to the t.v. there is a red, white and yellow connectors built into the back.

To switch the console on you pushed down on the lever that would normally make the bread go down, the console then springs into life with orange LED’s glowing inside (which gives the effect that the toaster is cooking). Check out the video above to see the SNoaster in action.