The benefits of LED Tape

LED tape is a fantastic product and is being used more and more everyday from the home to large commercial applications. Here is a list with details of a few of the benefits InStyle LED tape has over other lighting sources. I hope this will help you understanding how truly amazing this product is.

Very little heat output:
The LED tape generates very little heat at all and is cool to touch. Even after long hours of continuous use it will remain cool to touch. This makes the it ideal to be installed almost anywhere and is not a fire hazard compared to other types of lighting. Light sources such as fluorescent tubes & bulbs generate a huge amount of heat, so much so that they are too hot to touch. This makes them difficult to install in confined spaces and a they are a possible fire & safety hazard.


Mix the perfect colour with InStyle's RGB LEDs
Sence Nightclub installed with InStyle Colour changing LED Tape. The whole room can change to any colour instantly using a controller

Lighting such as incandescent and florescent are very restricted on the range of colour that they can produce and can not change colour without using some form of mechanical coloured filter. LED’s however can be made to specific colour requirements, such as any shade of white on the kelvin scale. Multicolours can also be created directly from the LED chip, this allows the LED tape to be used for a wide variation of applications that require both white and colour, removing all restrictions of the past.


Water-resistant LED tapes - choose the right IP rating for your project

Unlike other lighting LED tape can be fit almost anywhere, this even includes externally, in your kitchen and even bathrooms. This means it is fully waterproof, however it cannot be fit permanently submersed (in ponds etc). InStyle LED will even cut, solder and fully waterproof the LED tape for you to your specific requirements.


What makes the LED tape uniquely versatile in the fact that it can be simply cut to the exact length you require. It is the only lighting that can simply and easily be cut with a pair of scissors to the required length with no expertise required. This makes the it even more versatile and the fact that it uses 12v or 24v means it can easily be installed safely by anyone. It can be installed it to your exact requirements compared to other forms of traditional lighting that come in set lengths.


How flexible is LED tape? Take a look!>
The LED tape is so flexible it can bend back on it self and even be folded for a 90° bend.

Being able to bend and twist the LED tape makes it far more superior than other forms of traditional lighting when it comes to flexibility  It is a flexible PCB so it can bend back on itself and even fold round 90 degree corners without damaging the tape.