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Why buy high quality LED transformers?

Ok so you are looking to buy or have already purchased your LED Tape lighting and are now looking to purchase your LED transformers.

LED Transformer Introduction

There are many different LED transformers (also known as LED power supplies) on the market so how do you know which one to purchase and are they really that different from one another? Surely you should just go for the cheapest one if they all look the same?

This is the common assumption by many when looking to purchase LED transformers. Well, just like there is different quality’s in the LED tape, this is the same for LED transformers. If you are looking or have just paid good money for LED Tape lighting to last you the next 10 years then surely you would want the LED transformer to last a similar time? and not be having to change it every 1-2 years due to purchasing a poor quality transformer.

What is the difference between a good quality and a poor quality LED transformer?

The differences between a good quality transformer and a poor quality transformer is all in the internal components used. There are many components inside a LED transformer that can be either of high quality and cost more to manufacture or of poor quality and be cheaper to manufacture. So when you are looking to purchase LED transformers although they can look identical from one to another they can vary dramatically in price and quality.

How can you tell which are good quality LED transformers?

  • The branded Meanwell transformers are renown quality transformers in the LED market. These are good quality transformers and the company has been a leader in the LED transformer market for years.
  • Avoid Meanwell imitations – If the transformer looks identical to a Meanwell transformer but does not have the Meanwell brand logo then this is a poor quality Chinese copy transformer
  • Be wary of price – If a transformer is ridiculously cheap compared to the going rate on the market then it will not be using high quality components as if the transformer was it would cost more than the selling price to make. This does not mean however that the most expensive transformers are the best quality, you need to compare to find the best value you money for a good reliable transformer.
  • Research into the supplier –  If a supplier has great reviews, many projects and supplies quality products throughout there website then there is a better chance that they are going to be supplying high quality transformers as opposed to a eBay, amazon seller or a internet seller with no reputation.

InStyle LED

InStyle LED are a UK manufacturer and supplier of commercial LED products for commercial applications and domestic applications. We supply large quantity’s of reliable, quality products with small profit margins so we cannot afford faulty returns. We stock branded Meanwell transformers along with our own manufactured LED transformers at competitive prices. All of our transformers are built to last and come with a 2 year warranty

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