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InStyle LED are manufacturers and suppliers of high end commercial grade LED products at very competitive prices. This means all our products are quality and built to last using only premium components and branded LED’s. Unfortunately not all of our competitors do what we do. Our competitors supply products that look similar if not exactly the same, however are very much different. (Think of comparing speakers – they may look almost exactly the same but the components, sound and quality can vary dramatically from one to another).

Commercial grade LED Tape explained

Commercial grade LED tape means that no corners have been cut in terms of quality when manufacturing the LED tape. The LED tape may initially look simple and they can look very similar from one brand to another, however there are a few major factors that effect the quality and performance of the LED tape.

All of the components used to make the commercial grade LED tape are the best quality and premium that they can be. The reason for the name ‘commercial grade’ is this LED tape can be used in commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants, bars etc. This is because the LED tape is of a higher quality that has many advantages that will be further explained below. The commercial grade LED tape does not have to be just used in commercial applications, however. With the extremely completive prices offered by InStyle LED, our LED tape is being used more and more in home applications – due to our customers’ preference for a quality product at the right price rather than a cheap product that is not good value for money.


Components that make commercial grade LED Tape

The components that make commercial grade LED tape include the following…

Epistar SMDs – Epistar are the highest quality supplier of SMDs for the LED tape market. The Epistar SMDs cost a lot more than cheap Chinese alternatives, but they definitely represent better value for money. There are many advantages in choosing the Epistar SMD’s:

1- Brighter LEDs – The Epistar LEDs are the brightest on the market for the 3528 and 5050 SMDs that are used in most LED tapes. They are anything from 30-50% brighter than like-for-like SMDs from a cheaper Chinese alternative.

2 – Vibrant colours – The Epistar SMDSs have a higher CRI score on the Colour Rendering Index when compared to cheap Chinese alternative SMDs. This means that the LEDs represent brighter, deeper and more ‘true’ colours.

3 – Colour consistency – Epistar SMDs along with correct batching from InStyle LED means that the LEDs are colour-batched within the reel and also from reel to reel. InStyle labels and records specific batches of LED reels so if a customer wants to order a LED reel that needs to match a previous order, they can. This is very important in larger projects where many reels are being used; with cheaper SMDs and suppliers there can be major colour batch issues.

4- True representation of life – With Epistar and the correct heat management and dispersal on your LED tape, the promised life expectancy of your tape will actually be true. Unlike cheaper alternatives that quote a life expectancy but the reality is very much different.. and not in a good way.

Thicker and Wider PCB boards

Another component that makes this LED tape commercial-grade quality is the thickness of the PCB. A thicker PCB helps disperse the heat correctly, meaning the LED will run at a cooler temperature. This helps prolong the LED’s life to the expected 70% @ 50,000 hours.

Domestic grade LED tapes cut corners by using 1 ounce PCB boards instead of 2 or 3 ounce. Cheaper LED tape also uses narrower PC boards to cut down on manufacturing costs. For example, 10mm wide PCBs instead of 12mm. Again this can effect the running temperature, which will in turn effect the longevity of the LEDs’ working life. Ultimately thicker and wider PCBs mean your LED tape will achieve its quoted life expectancy of 70% @ 50,000 hour life by helping to disperse the heat .



When correctly managed, your LED tape’s resistor sallow the LEDs to run at the right output (brightness) and temperature – whilst still lasting the 70% @ 50,000 hour expected life. All resistors on commercial grade LED tape are correctly managed for optimum performance.

In domestic grade and other lower-quality alternative LED tapes, the manufacturer cuts corners by using cheaper and less bright LEDs and then over powering the tape’s resistors to make the LEDs appear as bright as branded Epistar SMDs. This means the LED’s may initially appear to be the same brightness. But after as little as 2,000 hours, the LEDs can start to deteriorate in brightness due to the poor resistor management. Over time, this deterioration will  only continue to get worse over time.



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