InStyle LED’s 19.2w LED Tape lighting has been used in Dior’s stores Christmas shop window display, helping to showcase its items for sale.

Dior’s Bond Street store in London used InStyle LED‘s LED lighting to illuminate its shop windows Christmas display which features a three-story doll house with mechanical windows. The purpose of the windows being able to open and close were to attract the passing Christmas shoppers attention in all it’s hustle and bustle with the movement and showcase an item for sale that had been placed besides the prestigious dolls house.

Dior's shop lit up using Instyles 19.2w 3528 white LED Tape

To illuminate this elegant display 20 watt white high bright LED Tape  lights were used behind each window of the dolls house. Perspex was used as the windows with different coloured tinting to give the different effects that the customer desired. The 19.2w LED Tape was fitted onto boards in evenly spaced rows and shone onto the Perspex windows. The Perspex windows let enough light through to give the effect whilst also diffusing the light so you could not see the LED Tape ‘dots’ that you usually would see if you looked at the product.

Dior lit up using Instyles 19.2w 3528 white LED Tape

For the windows to open and close they had been connected with a PC Programmable DMX controller and a DMX circuit board which then connected to a servo motor that opened and closed the windows. White Downlights had been placed above and connected to the system so that when a window opened they would turn on and shine down upon the display. T

This fantastic display also featured in Dior’s other stores  attracting the busy Christmas shoppers. Take a look at the video below to see the display in motion.

Dior shopwindow display - InStyle LED showreel

Instyle’s 19.2w LED Tape has also been used in a  prestigious swimming pool area, be sure to check it out!