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DMX + Nicolaudie combine to create this striking triangle display lighting

Here’s a unique display-lighting project that InStyle’s designers conceived and created for a high street training-shoes retailer. The eye-catching colours and sequencing were programmed by our in-house DMX experts!

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Our customer, a high street training-shoe retailer, reached out to InStyle with an original concept for a new in-store display. The detailed design specified all dimensions for the triangular features, including the spacing between each triangle.

Triangle frame construction

Triangle frame construction

The project’s finishing touch would be the light-sequencing program. To be coded and implemented on a DMX LED installation, the goal of this programmed sequence was to create a strobe-like effect, giving the appearance of travelling down a tunnel of light.

InStyle’s workshop took on the task of constructing the triangle frames. You can see the work in progress in these pics of the (unilluminated) black triangles.

The lighting sequence is designed to use a combination of two colours – blue and pink. So the final step for us in the display’s physical build was to install 10-watt blue LED strips (24V, 120 LEDs/metre) into one set of triangle frames, and pink LED strips with the identical spec into the other remaining frames.

In order to avoid having to cut the LED tapes at each corner of the triangles, our fabricators chose to fit the strips to the internal edges of the frames, rather than taking the more obvious route and attaching them to the back of the frames. This approach will make the displays more robust and long-lasting.

10-watt blue LED strips being fitted to the triangular frames

Once the triangular frames were completed and tested, the project was handed over to InStyle’s in-house DMX programming team. The light-tunnel strobe effect was programmed using Nicolaudie software and loaded onto a Nicolaudie controller, which was then wired to one of our 3-channel DMX receiver modules.

Blue and pink LED strips fitted alongside each other (10W, 24V, 120 smd/m)

A completed triangular display frame (pink LEDs)

After the full system had been through our end-to-end testing cycle, the triangle frames were then suspended from the ceiling in the trainer shop. Once the control gear had been installed and turned on, featured training-shoes were positioned carefully in pride of place, to create a gorgeous retail display for customers.

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