Our LED tape single colours are available in the following:

  • Warm white (approx 2800k + various colour kelvin requirements)
  • Neutral white (4000k)
  • Pure white (approx 5500k-6000k  + various other colour requirements)
  • Amber
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Yes. We now have a colour batch code for all LED tape that we send out. This means if you wish to add to a previous order at a later date, then we have a very good chance of matching the exact LED colour.

If you want to possibly add more LED Tape at a later date then on your initial order you simply need to order a larger transformer with more wattage space to add more LED tape if you require. Alternatively you can simply order the whole kit of LED Tape that you require E.G, A transformer and LED tape.

Some people use the word driver and others use the word transformer. At InStyle LED they are both exactly the same thing. They are a product that transforms mains 240v  down to either 12v or 24v to run the LED tape. People often use the word driver as it drives (powers) to the LED tape.

No, you can wire many strips in parallel back to one transformer, as long as the wattage of the transformer is more than the total wattage of all of the LED tape you are looking to put onto this transformer.

Yes, If your car has a constant 12v supply then you can use any of our 12v LED tape on this battery. You can even use our RGB LED tape with a controller.

If your caravan battery is a constant 12v supply and has enough wattage to power the amount of LED tape that you are looking to use, then yes you can. If your caravan just has 240v standard mains power then you can use a transformer.

Yes. With our RGB wireless controllers (both the single zone type and the multizone type) they are both RF type. This means radio frequency from the remote to the receiver. With this type of signal the wireless handheld remote does not need to be line of site with the receiver. Therefore you can have it hidden behind fake walls or tucked away in cupboards.

Yes, we have a blog which is updated with the latest projects we have been involved with, new products, and helpful guides. You can read the blog here.

The transformer can be as far away as you require from the start of the LED tape as long as you use the correct thickness cable. For a distance of up to 10m you should use at least 1mm cable. For a distance of up to 15m you should use at least 1.5mm cable. For a distance of up to 20m you should use a cable of at least 2mm thick. For a distance of up to 25m you should use a cable of least 2.5mm  thick.

For single colour LED tape you would use 2 core cable and for RGB LED tape you would use 4 core cable.

We do not offer clips to extend the tape (tape to tape connectors). We can however pre solder the LED tape to lengths that you require.

Yes you do. Give the surface a good clean first before attempting to stick the LED Tape down. Make sure all dirt is removed and you use a good cleaner and then once dry you can stick the LED tape down. You can also use a small amount of hot glue at the ends of the LED tape if you prefer for extra support.

Yes you can. Any LED tape that has 60 LED’s per metre or less you can actually loop up the LED tape and fold it back on itself to bend around a 90 degree corner.

We would however recommend that instyle LED pre solders a linking cable instead of this as it is more reliable and there is less likely the chance of damaging the LED tape.

The difference isn’t the actual heat of the LED tape to touch. It is actually the colour of the shade of the white.

Read here for a more detailed  description.. https://www.instyleled.co.uk/difference-warm-white-cool-white-neutral/

IP67 LED tape is waterproof but cannot be fitted submerged. The IP67 LED tape can be used outside and in areas where resistance to water is required.

Yes, we have our own YouTube Channel where we put videos of projects we have been involved with.

Yes, you can Like us on Facebook on our Facebook Page

Yes, you can follow us at @InstyleLED

Yes, for any queries you may have you can e-mail us at sales@instyleled.co.uk. (A response is usually within 1 hour)

Yes, our friendly staff is always on hand to give you any technical help you may need, for technical help please call 0116 2799 083.

If you are installing your goods at the weekend a member of our staff will even give you their mobile number for you to call if you need technical advice.

You can either email sales@instyleled.co.uk with your requirements or you can call 0116 2799 083 and speak to a member of our sales team.

Follow the link for more details on contacting us.

If your products are off the shelf and still in their original condition we can accept returns up to 7 working days after delivery. If however your order is made to length, specific requirements or a product ordered especially in, then we cannot take any returns on these.

We are an internet company only so all orders are sent out for next day delivery and cannot be collected unless agreed by the manger when ordering your goods.

Yes, our courier APC overnight has the options of either a standard delivery – this is next day before 4pm. Or the option to upgrade to a earlier delivery. The options are before 12pm, 10am or 9am. If you ask a member of our staff they can tell you the price differences for the upgrades.

Yes we do. If orders are placed before 3pm then they are usually sent out for next day delivery. This is subject to stock and the amount of soldering required per project. We use the courier APC overnight who on a standard delivery will deliver the goods anytime between 8am and 4pm and this requires a signature.

We have a soldering team working solely on custom length orders all day to ship out the order the very same day for next day delivery. If your order is extremely large delivery could be slightly longer; a member of our staff can advise you on this as you are placing the order.

We keep all of our products in stock for next day delivery. We have a soldering team that can make your order to specific requirements to ship out the very same day.

Yes. We like to keep large stocks of every product we sell. We thrive off a quick service and usually most orders are next day delivery. If we do not have a product in stock our staff can advise you on the delivery times.

Yes. We like to keep at least 1000m of each type of LED tape in stock at a time. Our stocks however are changing daily. If you give us a call on 0116 2799083 we can instantly tell you if we have the product you are looking for in stock.

An RF remote stands for Radio Frequency, this is the signal sent from the wireless controller to the receiver. With RF remote control you do not have to have the handheld remote ‘line of site’ with the receiver when using it. You can select your different control options on the handheld remote from up to 20m away from the receiver than can even be hidden or fitted behind walls or in cupboards.

An IR remote stands for Infrared, this is the signal from the wireless controller to the receiver. With IR control the handheld remote control has to be in line of site of the receiver when using it. This means the receiver cannot be hidden in cupboards or behind false walls etc.

InStyle LED supplies commercial grade LED tape. Commercial grade means premium components used throughout to produce a premium product built to last. Ideal for commercial applications.

The difference between commercial and standard is in the PCB, resistors and the LED’s themselves. InStyle LED’s commercial grade LED tape uses a 2oz PCB board for better heat dispersion, meaning longer life of up to 70% light output still at 70,000 hours continuous use (standard grade will start to deteriorate in as little as 2000 hours).

Commercial grade LED tape uses a branded SMD as opposed to a chinese copy; this means that the commercial grade LED tape will be around 30% brighter than the standard. Commercial grade LED tape has colour consistent LED’s  from LED to LED and from reel to reel. This is important in large projects where all the LED tape needs to look the same. Cheap alternatives can give different colours from within a reel and from reel to reel.

Follow the link to see the differences in the tape.

In simple terms an SMD is an LED chip. The numbers for the SMD’s actually describes the physical size of the SMS. E.G. 5050 is actually 5mm x 5mm and for 3538 that is 3.5mm x 3.8mm.

The 5050 SMD is 3 times as bright as the 3528 SMD and pulls 3 times as much power. For example 60 LED’s of the 5050SMD will pull around 14.4w, where’as 60 LED’s of the 3528 SMD will pull only 4.8w.

At InStyle LED we have various types of transformers; Some types are fully enclosed and other types are open frame. Our types that are enclosed are the 30w/60w/100w.

The types that are open frame (enclosed but with open terminals) are the 150w/200w and 320 transformers. We offer enclosures for these transformers or you can use your own vented enclosure.

Yes. Working out how many metres of LED tape you can run off a transformer is actually quite simple. The simple equation to work this out is to take the wattage of the transformer and divide it by the wattage of the LED tape per metre; this will give you the total amount of metres that you can run off that transformer.

E.G.  A 100w transformer divided by 4.8w per metre is the calculation   100/4.8  =  20.8m, this means you can run up to a maximum of 20.8m of LED tape off this transformer.

We would always advise to leave a small amount of headroom for the transformer of say around 5%. This means running a little less amount of LED tape from up to the maximum you are allowed to use.


Our LED Tapes, being commercial grade have a 70,000 hour continuous use lifespan. Depending on how long you will be having the lights on for each day, you can expect over 10 years usage.

All of the LED tapes on our website are in stock and sometimes we have different colours or specific kelvin whites in stock. You can call up with your requirement of colour or specific kelvin requirement and we can ask our manufacture if this can be made for you. Delivery would be longer than usual due to the product potentially  not being in stock but our staff can advise you on this.

Yes we can. We can cut and solder the LED Tape to specific lengths for you to the nearest LED tape cut points. We will also label them up specifically and can pack them separately for ease of understanding the different lengths.

The LED tape is supplied in 5m reels as standard but we can supply the LED tape in up to 7m reels. Anything after or around 7m in length you will start to get a noticeable voltage drop towards the end of the LED tape which would affect the light output. Our RGB 24v standard power LED tape can however be supplied in 10m reels.

Our LED tapes are supplied in 5m reels as standard but can be supplied to specific cut lengths (to the nearest cut points) if required. Except for our standard power RGB LED tape that is supplied in 10m reels as standard but again can be supplied to specific lengths.

A quick explanation of which LED tape would go where, would be:

The 5w and 10w white LED tapes are ideal for feature lighting and to highlight areas, this is also the case for the RGB 7.5w. They are all ideal in areas such as covings, drop down ceilings and plinth lighting etc. The 15w and 20w white LED tapes are more used for general lighting such as replacing fluorescent tubes and under kitchen cabinet lighting. The 15w RGB LED tape is more used to wash down bars etc and areas that need more light than the standard feature lighting or with areas with more ambient light.

For an example of where to correctly place different wattages follow this link: How bright should my led tape be?

Creating custom lengths is easy and we can do it for you, if you provide the lengths you need we can cut and solder them to length. If however you want to do this yourself you simply measure the length you need and cut at the nearest cut point on the tape.

Follow the link for a detailed guide: Cutting and soldering the LED tape

IP67 means the LED tape is fully waterproof but cannot be fitted permanently submerged(eg. in a pool). IP67 LED Tape should be used if the tape will be coming into contact with water, when being used outside or in a room like a bathroom.

Follow the link for more information Explaining the IP rating of the LED tape

Soldering LED Tape is a fairly simple task but needs to be done right. Connecting the right starter cables in the correct positions is a must especially with the RGB for it to work correctly.

Here is a step-by-step guide with images showing how to do this. How to solder LED Tape

Yes you can. There are various different ways in which you can but all of our LED tapes can be dimmed one way or another; from using a simple standard household rotary dimmer (triac dimming) to 0-10v,DMX dimming and more.

Follow this link to find out more information on all of the varietys How to dim your LEDs