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InStyle LED only supplies premium branded LED products2018-04-18T14:05:32+00:00

Here ate InStyle LED we only supply commercial grade LED Products using quality brands. All of our products are high bright and highly reliable. With over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry our management have looked to manufacture and supply products for commercial applications that once installed they stay working.

Epistar SMDs

All of our LED Tapes use the quality brand Epistar. The Epistar SMD’s are the brightest on the market along with this they are colour consistent which is very important for high quality installations. The Epistar SMD’s cost a lot more than the Chinese imitations yet they looked exactly the same. The main way you could tell if your are buying cheap Chinese SMD’s would be the extremely low price, as Epistar SMD’s would cost more than that to make. The Epistar SMD’s also last the 50,000 hours that they state as opposed to Chinese imitations that will start to deteriorate in brightness in as little as 2000 hours. InStyle LED not only uses the premium Epistar SMD’s but also uses a thicker 2 ounce PCB board for better heat dispersion along with correctly managed resistors to ensure maximum brightness at a reliable 70% @ 50,000 lifetime.

Meanwell power supplies

If you have the long life of the LED Tape then you wouldn’t want to have to keep changing the transformer every 6 months. This is why we supply quality Meanwell transformers. The Meanwell transformers are renowned to last and in our 10 years of supplying the transformers we could count the amount of faulty transformers on one hand! To look out for cheap Chinese copies of the Meanwell transformers they look identical, although they do not have the Meanwell stamp on the casing. The copies would not be as reliable and would not last as long as the Meanwell transformers.


Our high power wall washers use the premium brand Cree. Cree are bright, reliable and colour consistent. Combined into our InStyle wall washers with the correct heat sink will last 50,000 hours @ 70%

InStyle LED

InStyle LED manufacture quality DMX control gear in the UK along with importing products to custom high quality specifications. With over 30 years’ experience and well renowned for quality products.