Bedford’s JAWS Aquatics have installed bespoke blue-tint LEDs from InStyle, to help show off the impressive marine display tanks in their new specialist fish and aquarium-supplies store.

The themed store (check out the ceiling in this pic!) needed high-power LED lights at the cool-white end of the Kelvin colour-temperature scale. InStyle supplied samples, and the final choice was a made-to-order 7,000K LED light-tape, drawing 24 watts per metre. CRI for the strips is 90+.

“The colour was just what we wanted,” said Gerald, the store’s owner, “thanks for all your help with LEDs.”

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."
Bespoke cool-white 24-watt LED strip lights (7000K)
Plastic heatshrink with glue-sealed ends offers IP67-rated water resistance

Given the nature of the project, it’s probably no surprise that Gerald ordered all of his LED strip lengths to be heatshrink-coated and with glue-sealed ends, for IP67-rated water resistance!

InStyle carried out all the required cutting and soldering to the exact dimensions required, before heatshrinking to ensure a perfect seal for each strip.

The JAWS Aquatics installation in full swing
Make your fish feel at home with fish-tank features and decor like this
One of the residents of JAWS Aquatics
JAWS Aquatics display tanks with cool white (blue-tint) LED lights
JAWS Aquatics display tanks with cool white (blue-tint) LED lights
JAWS (it stands for ‘Just Add Water Shop’) Aquatics opened its doors on 14 April. Now open seven days a week, you can find it at the Willington Home & Garden Centre, on Bedford Road, Willington

JAWS Aquatics, Bedfordshire