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Unlock the light!

Dual-White CCT Control with inVyci

Unlock the light with inVyci!

Sometimes white light needs a little more variety. InVyci’s dual-white CCT controllers are the ideal solution for those projects and applications. With 120 diodes and drawing 25 watts per metre, our CCT LED strip lights let you mix two different whites to create a nearly infinite palette of white-light shadings. CCT LED strip lights (‘colour-temperature changing’) will give any surface a smooth, clean effect.

InVyci’s dual-white CCT LED strip lights are a practical choice for businesses and offices, retail locations, and any project requiring precise control of colour-depth and appearance (e.g., photography applications). And CCT LEDs are great for domestic lighting too – use them to light alcoves, ceilings, and much more.

Multichannel LED Module

InStyle’s proven and reliable multichannel LED module is the heart of inVyci.

Maybe your dual-white CCT LED installation needs more than one lighting zone. You might want to set your store’s entrance-area lights differently to the main retail floorspace, for example. If so, simply wire each zone to a separate multichannel LED module.

InVyci multichannel LED module

With just one multichannel LED module, you can control as many dual-white CCT LED light sources as you want – simply wire them all back to the LED module in parallel. With this arrangement, your inVyci-compatible controller(s) will be able to manage any length of LED strip lighting or other LED lights.

Wifi Adaptor for LEDs

For even more flexibility, inVyci gives you the option to control your LED lights through your wifi hub.

InStyle’s inVyci-ready wifi adaptor works in sync with your multichannel LED module(s). It’s able to receive and convert wifi input, outputting it as a standard RF (radio) signal. With a wifi adaptor installed, you’ll be able to use any wifi-enabled LED controller to manage your lights.

InVyci wifi adaptor for LEDs

The wifi adaptor even lets you fully control your LED lighting through your smartphone, tablet or other Android/iOS device via the compatible EasyLighting app, without the need to install any other control unit.

EasyLighting App – LED Control from your Phone or Tablet

Can you control your LED tape from your phone, tablet or other wifi-enabled device using an app? Yes you can.

The EasyLighting app is very easy to use. Download it, and you’ll be able to manage multiple LED lighting zones / areas, and select colour scrolls, full dimming and set literally millions of colours, all from the palm of your hand. The app works with inVyci‘s wifi adaptor (above) through your wifi network, so you can use it anywhere in range.

EasyLighting with inVyci

EasyLighting is available for Android and Apple devices – you can download here (Android) or here (Apple), and see our instructions for use here.

Dual-White CCT LED Lights & Controllers

Choose the perfect CCT LED controllers for your dual-white LED project from our inVyci-compatible ranges…


12-watt dual-white CCT LED strip lights

12W Dual-White CCT LED Strip Lights


24W Dual-White CCT LED Strip Lights

24-watt dual-white CCT LED strip lights


Wireless touchpad wall controller for CCT LEDs (single-zone)

Wireless Touchpad Wall Control for CCT LEDs (1 Zone)


Wireless Battery Wall Control for CCT LEDs (1 Zone)

Wireless battery-powered wall controller for dual-white CCT LEDs (single-zone)


Remote controller for dual-white CCT-LEDs (6 zones)

6 Zone Remote Controller for Dual-White CCT LEDs

Kitchen lit by CCT LED strip lighting

A paler shade of white – and any other shade you want too!

Our inVyci dedicated CCT LED controllers are designed to use the full functionality of Epistar’s high quality dual-white LEDs, so you can mix millions of different white-light shades easily and accurately.

Handheld remote for CCT LED control

Bright lights, so pretty

With its 120 dual-white LEDs per metre, inVyci’s 25-watt CCT strip lights offer a choice of a very wide brightness range – up to 2,500 lumens when both the warm and pure white chips are at maximum output.

CCT LEDs around the bar create a special atmosphere

So that means you can use them for feature lighting (covings, plinths and other highlights) or for high-brightness working light, wall washing, and large projects like retail stores, bars and restaurants.

CCT LEDs provide highlights for recption bar

coving CCT LEDs set to perfect pure-white light!

cocktails and dual-white CCT LEDs

Dual-white CCT LEDs light this bathroom

The wireless touch controller for colour-temperature changing LED tape (CCT) lets you store and then recall up to four presets from a single wall-mounted unit.

With its sleek glass finish and intuitive touch wheel to mix your ideal shade of white light from dual-white LED chips, this single-zone controller communicates wirelessly via radio-frequency (RF) to a range of 20m, with no need for a line-sight to its inVyci multichannel LED module. If wired, it can be used as a DMX controller for DMX-compatible receivers, and it even offers a WiFi option too (with additional equipment).

Wiring Diagram

Touchpad Wall Controller for CCT LEDs Wiring Diagram
Transformer & backbox for LED wall controller - wiring guide

Using Your Touch Wall Controller for CCT LEDs

Using your Touchpad Wall Controller for CCT LEDs

Our inVyci-compatible 25-watt CCT strip lighting is a high-power colour-temperature changing LED tape. InStyle’s CCT LEDs use quality Epistar-brand diodes, each of which house both a warm-white and a pure-white chip for superior colour mixing. By adjusting their light mix, your LEDs can create any shade of white light when linked to one of our dedicated CCT controllers.

Dual-white LEDs are ideal for businesses and offices, retail locations, and any project requiring precise control of colour-depth and appearance (e.g., photography applications). And CCT LEDs are great for domestic lighting too – use them to light alcoves, ceilings, and much more.

Wiring Diagram

Multichannel Wireless LED Receiver for CCT LEDs

decorative fanning with CCT LED downlighting
office complex lifts lit by high-brightness CCT LED strips

CCT LED uplights and downlights on feature bar
hotel bar downlighting using dual-white CCT LEDs

25-watt CCT (colour-temperate changing) LED strip lights

More than just an easy-to-install, professional commercial-grade LED lighting system, inVyci offers a choice of two sleek handheld remotes. Each one has a touchscreen colour-wheel, enabling you to select any shade of any colour, and offers options from static colours and whites, through to colour scrolling and on/off. The 8-zone controller is also wifi compatible.

Using Your Remote CCT LED Controller

Buttons & functions for 6-zone remote controller for CCT LEDs

Using your 6-zone remote controller for CCT LEDs

Powered by its own lithium battery – so it doesn’t need wiring to a mains power supply – the wireless rotary wall controller offers full colour-temp functionality for CCT LEDs. With all the simplicity of a standard single-colour dimmer, it can be linked to as many inVyci multichannel LED modules as your project needs.

Wiring your rotary-knob wireless wall controller

Wireless Wall Controller for CCT LEDs - Wiring Diagram

Pairing Your Wireless Wall Controller

Press the receiver’s learning key, then push the rotary button. The receiver will indicate successful pairing by flashing. You can pair as many receivers as you wish with this CCT LED controller.

Using Your Wireless Wall Controller

  • On/off – click the rotary control
  • Set to 100% brightness – long-press the rotary control
  • Toggle between dimmer / colour-change modes – double-click the rotary control
  • Dimmer mode: rotary control adjusts brightness from 1% – 100%
  • Colour-change mode: rotary control changes white-light (CCT) colour

Choose the right LED colours for your project – unlock the light with inVyci from InStyle!

RGBW Control

RGBW control

InStyle’s inVyci system gives you complete control over 4-colour RGBW LEDs, and a great choice of fully compatible wall-mounted and remote controllers.

White Control

White control

With inVyci, you can manage white LEDs as well. Choose warm-white or pure-white light, and any combination from our big range of dimmer units.

Single-Colour Control

Single-colour control

InVyci dimmers don’t just work for white light: they’ll control your single-colour LEDs just as effectively. InVyci offers red, green, blue and amber single-colour options.

RGB Control

RGB control

If you don’t need the increased colour control that RGBW LEDs can offer, the inVyci system also handles traditional 3-colour RGB LEDs too.

CCT Control

CCT control

InStyle’s inVyci system can give you full control of our dual-white CCT LEDs – create millions of white shadings by simply mixing warm-white and pure-white light any way you want.