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Unlock the light!

RGBW Control with inVyci

Unlock the light with inVyci!

Managing your RGBW LEDs with inVyci will give you more colour control than ever.

Unlike traditional RGB LED lights, each RGBW diode houses four LED chips of different colours (RGBW stands for ‘red, green, blue, white’). With the inVyci system is installed, you’ll be able to select any shade in the spectrum by simply adjusting your chosen controller… whether it’s wall-mounted, a handheld remote, or even an app on your phone or tablet.

Having an additional white chip in each LED gives the option of a perfect white light. And those dedicated white LEDs also open up an unlimited range of pastel colours that couldn’t be created with just red, green and blue light alone – plus the ability to mix whites with a subtle hint of colour.

Multichannel LED Module

InStyle’s proven and reliable multichannel LED module is the heart of inVyci.

Maybe your RGBW LED installation will require more than one zone. You might want to control your kitchen’s plinth lights independently of the main working lights, for example. If so, simply wire each zone to a separate multichannel LED module.

InVyci multichannel LED module

With just one multichannel LED module, you can control as many RGBW LED light sources as you want – simply wire them all back to the LED module in parallel. With this arrangement, your inVyci-compatible controller(s) will be able to manage any length of LED strip lighting or other LED lights.

Wifi Adaptor for LEDs

For even more flexibility, inVyci gives you the option to control your LED lights through your wifi hub.

InStyle’s inVyci-ready wifi adaptor works in sync with your multichannel LED module(s). It’s able to receive and convert wifi input, outputting it as a standard RF (radio) signal. With a wifi adaptor installed, you’ll be able to use any wifi-enabled LED controller to manage your lights.

InVyci wifi adaptor for LEDs

The wifi adaptor even lets you fully control your LED lighting through your smartphone, tablet or other Android/iOS device via the compatible EasyLighting app, without the need to install any other control unit.

EasyLighting App – LED Control from your Phone or Tablet

Can you control your LED tape from your phone, tablet or other wifi-enabled device using an app? Yes you can.

The EasyLighting app is very easy to use. Download it, and you’ll be able to manage multiple LED lighting zones / areas, and select colour scrolls, full dimming and set literally millions of colours, all from the palm of your hand. The app works with inVyci‘s wifi adaptor (above) through your wifi network, so you can use it anywhere in range.

EasyLighting with inVyci

EasyLighting is available for Android and Apple devices – you can download here (Android) or here (Apple), and see our instructions for use here.

RGBW LED Lights & Controllers

Choose the perfect RGBW LED light sources and RGBW LED controllers for you from our inVyci-compatible ranges…

Wireless RGBW Wall Control (1 Zone)

Single-zone wireless RGB/RGBW LED wall controller
4 Channel Wireless RGB Controller

Wireless RGBW Wall Control (4 Zone)

20W RGBW LED Strip Lights

LED light strip

10 Zone RGBW Remote Controller

Multizone remote controller
Multi-Zone WiFi Controller

8 Zone WiFi RGBW Remote Controller

InVyci in the home

Mix colours

Designed for use with 4-colour RGBW LEDs, your inVyci system makes creating any shade of any colour so easy.

Villa colour control

By mixing the three primaries (red, green and blue), you’ll be able to choose from literally millions of different colours to produce the perfect tone for your mood. And the addition of white light gives you even greater flexibility, enabling you to create pastel shades as well.

Run preprogrammed effects

For even more LED lighting options with convenient control, most inVyci controllers are supplied with a range of configurable illumination effects.

Run preprogrammed effects with inVyci

These display programs include fixed colour scenes, spectrums, random colour switching, spirals and sparkles, colour washes, colour bursts and classic LED chase effects – all of which can be managed through your chosen control unit(s).

InVyci living

Rogue Bowling LEDs

InVyci living

Mixing colours with inVyci

Each boasting a sleek glass finish and an easy-to-use touch wheel which enables you to select any colour/shade, these wireless (radio-frequency) wall controllers can be linked to as many inVyci multichannel LED modules as your project needs.

How to wire your inVyci wireless wall controller

RGB Wireless Wall Controller Wiring Diagram

InVyci in business

Exhibiting with inVyci

InVyci outdoors

InVyci outdoors

Using your single-zone inVyci wall controller

Using your RGBW Wireless Remote Controller
RGBW Wireless Remote Controller - pairing instructions

Using your multizone inVyci wall controller

Using your Multizone RGBW Wireless Wall Controller
RGBW Wireless Remote Controller - pairing instructions

InStyle offers two varieties of inVyci-compatible RGBW LED strip lights – with different whites, so you can choose exactly the right colour palette for your home or other project.

  • Pure White – white LEDs with a hint of cool blue (approx. 5500 Kelvin)
  • Warm White – white LEDs with a richer, more yellow hue (approx. 3000 Kelvin)

With a total wattage of 20w per metre, these LED strip lights will produce a massive 1330 lumens per metre when all four colours are at full brightness.

See RGBW strip lights controlled by inVyci

Kitchen project using RGBW LED strip lights

InVyci RGBW LED strip lights

InStyle’s RGBW LED lightbulb lets you mix brilliant colours and create striking effects – all from a standard UK screw-cap light fitting.

Using Your RGBW LED Lightbulb with inVyci

Your RGBW bulb is wirelessly controlled by a radio frequency (RF) signal. You can use an RF LED controller, or even manage your lighting through a smartphone or tablet with a suitable app and one of our wifi adaptors. (We recommend the EasyLighting app, available for Android and Apple devices. See our instructions for use here.)

Before you can use your RGBW bulb with your chosen controller, you’ll need to synchronise them by ‘pairing’ them together. Do this by:

  • Turning the bulb off and on 3 times. The bulb will flash – which means it’s now in ‘pairing’ mode.
  • Now press the zone number that you want to control bulb quickly twice. Then touch the controller’s colour wheel.
  • The bulb and controller are now ‘paired’.

(On some controllers, you may need to long-press the zone button again, instead of touching the colour wheel.)

If you wish, you can pair one RGBW bulb with multiple controllers.

InVyci RGBW lightbulbs

EasyLighting - instructions for use with inVyci products

InVyci RGBW lightbulb

InVyci EasyLighting with wifi adaptor

More than just an easy-to-install, professional commercial-grade LED lighting system, inVyci offers a choice of two sleek handheld remotes. Each one has a touchscreen colour-wheel, enabling you to select any shade of any colour, and offers options from static colours and whites, through to colour scrolling and on/off. The 8-zone controller is also wifi compatible.

How to connect your inVyci multizone remote

Multi Zone Controller Video

InVyci kitchen

InVyci bathroom

California-style yogurts & inVyci

Bowling with inVyci

Wiring diagrams

Example inVyci installation

7.2 Watt RGB LED Tape Multizone Contoller Wiring Diagram

Multizone WiFi Controller Wiring Diagram

Multichannel LED Module - example installation wiring

These wall-mounted inVyci control units both come fitted with their own internal batteries – so there’s no need to connect them to your mains power supply.

For the ultimate in convenience, the control buttons and battery of inVyci‘s remote / wall-mounted wireless controller are a separate detachable unit. They can be popped out of the sleek glass-finish surround and carried around for use anywhere in RF-signal range!

Wiring your rotary-knob wireless wall controller

RGBW Wireless Wall Controller Wiring Diagram

Wiring your remote / wall-mounted wireless controller

RGBW Wireless Battery Controller Wiring Diagram

Pairing your rotary-knob wireless wall controller

Press the receiver’s learning key, then push the rotary button. The receiver will indicate successful pairing by flashing. You can pair as many receivers as you wish with this controller.

Using your rotary-knob wireless wall controller

  • On/off – click the rotary control
  • Set to 100% brightness – long-press the rotary control
  • Toggle between dimmer / colour-change modes – double-click the rotary control
  • Dimmer mode: rotary control adjusts brightness from 1% – 100%
  • Colour-change mode: rotary control changes RGB light colour

Using your remote / wall-mounted wireless controller

Using your Battery-Power RGBW Wireless Controller

Choose the right LED colours for your project – unlock the light with inVyci from InStyle!

RGBW Control

RGBW control

InStyle’s inVyci system gives you complete control over 4-colour RGBW LEDs, and a great choice of fully compatible wall-mounted and remote controllers.

White Control

White control

With inVyci, you can manage white LEDs as well. Choose warm-white or pure-white light, and any combination from our big range of dimmer units.

Single-Colour Control

Single-colour control

InVyci dimmers don’t just work for white light: they’ll control your single-colour LEDs just as effectively. InVyci offers red, green, blue and amber single-colour options.

RGB Control

RGB control

If you don’t need the increased colour control that RGBW LEDs can offer, the inVyci system also handles traditional 3-colour RGB LEDs too.

CCT Control

CCT control

InStyle’s inVyci system can give you full control of our dual-white CCT LEDs – create millions of white shadings by simply mixing warm-white and pure-white light any way you want.