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Unlock the light!

White Control with inVyci

Unlock the light with inVyci!

Pure whites, warm whites or daylight whites – whatever shade your room or installation needs, inVyci can deliver.

White LED strip lights are one of our most popular products. That’s why our inVyci system includes a wide selection of white LED strip light varieties. And with the inVyci multichannel LED module and a suitable multizone dimmer control, you can manage lighting levels in up to four different areas, all independently of each other.

With the addition of a compatible wifi adaptor (see below), you can even control your white LEDs through your phone by downloading the simple and convenient EasyLighting app!

Multichannel LED Module

InStyle’s proven and reliable multichannel LED module is the heart of inVyci.

If your white LED installation needs multiple control zones, then our multichannel LED module makes things easy. Its four independent output channels mean you can control up to four lighting areas through a single multizone dimmer unit (see the list of white-LED-compatible inVyci components below). Set your kitchen, dining room, hallway and landing lights, all through a single multichannel LED module and dimmer with inVyci.

InVyci multichannel LED module

With just one multichannel LED module, you can control as many white LED light sources as you want – simply wire them all back to the LED module in parallel. With this arrangement, your inVyci-compatible controller(s) will be able to manage any length of LED strip lighting or other LED lights, on each of its four channels.

InVyci wifi adaptor for LEDs

The wifi adaptor even lets you fully control your LED lighting through your smartphone, tablet or other Android/iOS device via the compatible EasyLighting app, without the need to install any other control unit.

EasyLighting App – LED Control from your Phone or Tablet

Can you control your LED tape from your phone, tablet or other wifi-enabled device using an app? Yes you can.

The EasyLighting app is very easy to use. Download it, and you’ll be able to control and dim your white LEDs across multiple lighting zones / areas, all from the palm of your hand. The app works with inVyci‘s wifi adaptor (above) through your wifi network, so you can use it anywhere in range.

EasyLighting with inVyci

EasyLighting is available for Android and Apple devices – you can download here (Android) or here (Apple), and see our instructions for use here.

white LED tape controlled by inVyci

Pure White or Warm White?

White LED strip lights don’t have to mean no choice. InStyle’s inVyci system offers a variety of shades of white light, so you can find the one that’s right for you. Choose from:

Warm White (sometimes called ‘soft white’) – this tends to be slightly yellow/brown in colour, just like standard halogen light bulbs, and is often used to give rooms a cosy, homely feel.

Daylight White – this is the closest resemblance to daylight, without no yellow (warm) or blue (cool) tint to it.

office complex lit by inVyci

Pure White (also known as ‘commercial white’ or ‘bright white’) – generally brighter than Daylight White, this shade is typically used in commercial applications and also for highlighting.

Cool White – a very intense white, this is used comparatively rarely, but can create a cool, crisp feel. It is the brightest white, and can be used very effectively to highlight areas.

InVyci Dimming

Every white LED strip light in the inVyci range is dimmable.

You needn’t worry that dimming your LEDs will shorten their lifespan. All inVyci products are high quality and built to last, using only premium components and branded LEDs – which means you could permanently set your LEDs to a dimmed level and it wouldn’t affect their operational life expectancy.

(If anything, running your LEDs at less than 100% will actually extend their life, as there will be less heat output.)

brightness and colour tints

InVyci living

InVyci living

InVyci living

InVyci kitchens & bathrooms

InVyci offers a great range of dimmers to control your white LED installations. These sleek wireless wall units and desktop controls work up to 20 metres from your inVyci multichannel LED module(s), giving 0-100% smooth dimming.

These wireless dimmers can be linked to as many inVyci multichannel LED modules as your project requires.

How to wire your inVyci wireless wall dimmer

White Wireless Wall Dimmer Wiring Diagram (2 zone)

(Diagram shows inVyci 2-zone wireless dimmer.)

Connecting your inVyci dimmer –
video walkthrough

4 channel Wall dimmer

(Demo shows inVyci 4-zone wireless dimmer.)

InVyci drinks and dining

Shelves with inVyci

InVyci entrance hall (warm white)

Under cabinet LEDs

20W white inVyci LEDs

White LEDs in the kitchen

exhibition space controlled by inVyci

InStyle offers a choice white shades for your inVyci-compatible white LED strip lights – so you can select exactly the right colour palette for your home or other project.

  • Pure White – white LEDs with a hint of cool blue (approx. 5500+ Kelvin)
  • Neutral White – crisp white LED lighting without accents (approx. 4000 Kelvin)
  • Warm White – white LEDs with a richer, more yellow hue (approx. 2800-3000 Kelvin)

24-watt inVyci white LEDs

InVyci 24-watt white LED strip lights

5-watt LEDs – warm vs. pure

10-watt LEDs – warm vs. pure

12-watt LEDs – warm vs. pure

20-watt LEDs – warm vs. pure

Choose the right LED colours for your project – unlock the light with inVyci from InStyle!

RGBW Control

RGBW control

InStyle’s inVyci system gives you complete control over 4-colour RGBW LEDs, and a great choice of fully compatible wall-mounted and remote controllers.

White Control

White control

With inVyci, you can manage white LEDs as well. Choose warm-white or pure-white light, and any combination from our big range of dimmer units.

Single-Colour Control

Single-colour control

InVyci dimmers don’t just work for white light: they’ll control your single-colour LEDs just as effectively. InVyci offers red, green, blue and amber single-colour options.

RGB Control

RGB control

If you don’t need the increased colour control that RGBW LEDs can offer, the inVyci system also handles traditional 3-colour RGB LEDs too.

CCT Control

CCT control

InStyle’s inVyci system can give you full control of our dual-white CCT LEDs – create millions of white shadings by simply mixing warm-white and pure-white light any way you want.