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Why are my LED strip lights flashing?

Why are my LED strip lights flashing? What happens if you overload an LED power supply? Both of these answers are linked with the same problem.

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When you overload your power supply by drawing too much wattage from the output, your LED strip lights will begin to flash in a consistent pattern. Why?

Well, it’s because the LED power supply has something called ‘overload protection’. The power supply turns on, realises it is overloaded and then cuts out using the overload protection. It then turns on again and does the same thing – unless you reduce the wattage that the LED strips are drawing from the ouput. So what you can expect to see when this occurs is a consistent flashing of on / off / on / off.

To avoid this, always check the total wattage that the power supply can handle and make sure the total wattage of the LED strips is less than that number. It is advised to leave at least a 10% allowance for headroom (this will lead to longer product life, among other benefits).

For example, a 150w power supply should ideally run up to 135w of LED strip lights.  Remember this isn’t limited to how many strips you put on the output of the power supply, so you could have 10 LED strips – just as long as their total wattage adds up to no more than the 150w (ideally 135w).

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