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Will my LED power supply use all of its output wattage all the time? Even when dimmed?

Will my LED power supply output its full designated wattage all of the time? Even when dimmed!?

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This is a great question that people often ask and get concerned about.

If you have a larger power supply but only run a small amount of LED strip on it, or if you have a power supply but constantly dim the lights that it powers, is this a problem and will you be wasting energy and paying over the top!?

The answer is no!

Your LED strip lights only draw what they are using. Basically they work in reverse to the way you imagine.

If you have a 200W power supply, it’s natural to think that it will be kicking out 200 watts, 24/7. Well that isn’t the case. The full 200W is there if/when needed, but the power supply only outputs as much power as the connected components are drawing. So if you had 50W of LED tape on a 200W power supply, you will only be using 50 watts.

If you have a 200W power supply and dim to 10% brightness, then you will only be using 20W.

This is not a harmful in any way for the power supply or LED strips, as there are (usually) no minimum load requirements. In fact, running the LED power supply with so much head room may even extend the power supply’s life.

And if the LED strip is constantly dimmed then it may last even longer than its stated life! (As it is running far below 100% output.)

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