Dual-White CCT LED Strip Lights

  • 24-watt dual-white CCT LED tape
  • Watts: 24W per metre
    Lumens: 2500 per metre
    LED: 120 per metre Dual-White
    Voltage: 24V
    Application: General

SPI Digital LED Strip Lights

  • Addressable SPI digital LED strip lights - programmable
  • Watts: 14.4W per metre
    Lumens: 1080 per metre
    LED: 60 per metre SMD Commercial
    Voltage: 5V
    Application: Lightshow

Side-Emitting LED Tape

  • Side-emitting LED strip lights
  • Watts: 3.6W per metre
    Lumens: 270 per metre
    LED: 60 x 335 SMD Commercial
    Voltage: 12V
    Application: Display

UV LED Tape (Black Light)

  • Ultraviolet (blacklight) LED strips
  • Watts: 12.5W per metre
    LED: 60 x 2835 SMD Commercial
    Voltage: 24V
    Application: Display / Professional

LED tapes for special projects / applications

InStyle offers specialised LED strip lights for specialised projects.

  • Dual-White CCT LED Tape – with colour-temperature changing (CCT) LEDs, you can mix a nearly endless variety of white-light shades.
  • SPI Digital LED Tape – fully-addressable RGB LEDs enable each LED chip to be programmed independently, to create stunning light shows.
  • Side-Emitting LED Tape – LED chips with a narrow beam angle, to spread light sideways not upwards. Available in pure white / warm white.
  • Ultra Violet LED Tape – reliable, high-quality linear UV (black light) strips. Water-resistant – IP65 or IP67 options.

Remember, with InStyle LED you get reliable commercial grade LED striplighting backed up with a 2-year warranty.