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8-Bulb LED Wash Lights – white, single-colour & colour-change (RGBW, RGBA & dual-white CCT) options2018-09-12T12:32:09+00:00

8-bulb LED wash light - white, single-colour & colour-change options

Lens options available for our LED wash lights

Our LED wash light range

This building exterior uses RGBW LED wash lights to create uplighting

8-Bulb LED Wash Light

White, single-colour & colour-control options
Aluminium housing
Commercial Grade

Availability: Made to order, 1-2 weeks delivery

With the latest multi-chip technology able to output high-brightness colour-mixing at source, our mid-size 8-bulb LED wash light can be supplied in a range of light colours and with a choice of optic lens options.

The thermally-managed aluminium housing is splashproof (IP65-rated) and provides a convenient and easy-to-install means to create striking uplighting and wall-wash effects.

Each 8-bulb wash light housing draws 38.4 watts (colour-change) or 9.6 watts (white / single-colour).

Available colours & configurations:

RGBW colour-change – mix red, green, blue and white (4000K) light at source to create any colour. Max output ~2,240 lumens at source. 4-channel input.

Dual-White (CCT) colour-change – mix cool-white & warm-white light at source to create white shades. Max output ~3,568 lumens at source. 4-channel input.

RGBA colour-change – mix red,green, blue and amber light at source to create any colour. Max output ~1,816 lumens at source. 4-channel input.

White – single-channel input.

Single-Colour – available in red, green, blue & amber light options. Single-channel input.

  • Commercial Grade LED Wash Light
  • Ideal for internal and external use
  • 38.4 watts, forward voltage 32VF
  • Available in RGBW, dual-white, RGBA, white & single-colour options
  • Available in standard optic & optic lens (15°/25°/40°) options
  • Bar, restaurant, club, casino, entertainment complex,
    decorative features
ProductLED Wash Light
Wattage:38.4W (colour-change)
9.6W (white / single-colour)
Current: 350mA input
(constant current)
Forward Voltage:32VF
(choose grey, white or black)
IP Rating:IP65
Beam Angle:15°/25°/40° (optic lens options)
Dimensions:110mm x 210mm x 130mm

5 Watt White LED Tape Datasheet PDF

Premium-brand customers supplied by InStyle LED


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