One of Manchester’s fastest growing electronic music DJ and production schools, Make Me A DJ is based in the heart of Manchester. Their brand new location is lit by InStyle’s LED products. You can see the results below!

Make Me A DJ music school and studio in Ancoats, North Manchester
Established in 2008 by Mark Bradbury, Make Me A DJ first came to life above the famous Sankeys Night Club in Beehive Mill. After seven years, it’s moved on – to a new purpose-built location in Manchester’s thriving Ancoats district.

The new school has two DJ Lesson Suites, equipped with the latest top-of-the-range Pioneer equipment, and a recording studio designed by Jan Morel – all with lighting supplied by InStyle LED.

Project notes

The studio’s lighting installation used 30 metres of InStyle’s 20-watt RGBW LED strip lights (warm-white option), and 10x LED tape-to-tape connectors.

The lights needed to be split across five LED light zones, each to be controlled independently of the others.

To achieve this, Make Me a DJ fitted five inVyci multichannel LED receivers, which were then paired to one of our flagship RGBW LED remote controllers. (Just one of these high-quality, high-functionality remotes can manage up to 8 separate lighting zones!)

Make Me A DJ production suite - RGBW LED set to create white light

Make Me A DJ's top-of-the-range recording studio, with RGBW LEDs set to pastel-blue light
Make Me A DJ production suite lit green by RGBW LEDs
Make Me A DJ production suite lit purple by RGBW LEDs

To power the whole project, we supplied two Meanwell-brand 320-watt LED transformers (both IP65-rated) to Make Me A DJ.

LED light strip
Receiver for multizone controller
Multi-Zone WiFi Controller
320 Watt Mean Well Transformer for LED Strip Lights
Make Me A DJ promote a regular student showcase at xolo.jpg

With the best tutors (a combined 30 years’ experience in the music industry) and endless opportunities for students, Make Me A DJ is fast becoming one of the biggest DJ and Production schools in the UK, creating the highest calibre of artists. We’re honoured to have been a part of it!

Make Me A DJ