Oasis clothing were looking for LED lighting to replace their constantly failing fluorescent lights in their Head Quarters, and called upon Woodford Electrical to solve the solution.

Oasis clothing are a British brand, that recently turned 20 years old. They specialize in trademark prints, with a big talented group of in-house fashionistas.

Oasis Clothing has a huge 300 stores throughout the whole of the UK and Republic of Ireland, and also having 79 stores across 19 other countries , including Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

Woodford Electrical Services are renowned for quality installs and Oasis called upon them to solve the problem and to replace the fittings with reliable, commercial grade LED Lighting. Woodford electrical teamed up with InStyle LED and looked into what lighting they would recommend for the project.

After reviewing what was required John of InStyle LED had the ideal product for the job. He specified the 15w LED Tape pure white commercial grade.

InStyle LED supplied a total of 46m of the LED Tape 15w pure white commercial grade, cut and pre soldered to 4.2m lengths.

Gary of Woodford electrical installed the LED Tape in the ceiling coffers shinning downwards to be used as general lighting. The coffer hides the LED’s perfectly so you can see the effect of the lighting but not the actual light source.

The effect worked perfectly well and all parties involved were happy with the results. The commercial grade LED Tape is a fit and forget product, with it’s high reliability and long life so it will require virtually no maintenance as opposed the constant replacing of the previous fittings

Here is the project below:

Oasis Head-Office logo

Oasis Head-Office elevators

Oasis Head-Office logo - wider angle

Oasis Head-Office elevators - wider angle

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