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Optic lens extrusion for LED strip lights

Optic-lens aluminium LED profile

Optic-lens aluminium LED profile - diffused cover open

Optic Lens LED extrusion - split view

Profile Dimensions

Optic lens LED profile - dimensions

Product Video

play YouTube video Optic Lens extrusion

Case Studies that use the Optic Lens Extrusion

Swimming pool case study using white LEDs in an optic-lens aluminium profile

How to Cut & Connect an LED Extrusion

How to cut and connect LED tape extrusions

Optic Lens Extrusion

Designed for LED Tape, Aluminium
Commercial Grade

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InStyle LED’s optic lens extrusion is an aluminium profile designed to accommodate any LED tape from our range. The effect of this extrusion is to narrow LED emissions from the standard 120 degree light-arc to a much tighter 60 degree beam. This is extremely useful for projects requiring wall-washing and similar effects – anywhere you need to ‘throw’ the light further along a surface, rather than producing a more diffuse ‘halo’ glow.

Our optic lens extrusion has a width of 17.3mm and is 13.4mm high. This extrusion works most efficiently when used with our higher wattage LED tapes. It can be used on both single-colour and colour-changing LED tapes.

Advantages of extrusions

Fixing your LED tape into an extrusion can create a more ‘finished’ look when compared to the unhoused PCB – which is ideal if the product is clearly on show. Extrusions can help to prevent contact damage if the LED tape is positioned easily within reach. And even though they are not waterproof, extrusions can help prevent moisture. (To provide more protection against water, consider installing IP67 LED tape in the extrusions.)

Cutting and sizes

Our optic lens extrusions are available in 1m or 2m lengths as standard. You can simply cut the extrusion the length you require using a hack saw.


Extrusions can be fixed into place using countersink screws, straight into the extrusion.

Learn more about LED profiles on our LED tape extrusions support page.

  • Commercial Grade
  • Ideal for internal use
  • Product Codes: P-OL-1 / P-OL-2
ProductOptic Lens
IP Rating:IP22
Warranty:2 Years
Product Code:P-OL-1 / P-OL-2
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes
Length:1M or 2M
Width:17.3 mm
Height13.4 mm

Product Codes: P-OL-1 / P-OL-2

Optic Lens Extrusion Datasheet PDF

5 Watt White LED Tape Datasheet PDF

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