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RGB + Dual-White Downlight

  • RGB + Dual-White Downlight
  • Watts: 10W per housing
    Application: Domestic/commercial

LED Step Light

  • LED Step Light
  • Watts: 1.3W per housing
    LED: Luxeon
    Application: Feature Lighting

Up-Down Wall Light

  • Up-Down Wall Light
  • Watts: 7.2W per housing
    LED: Luxeon Rebel
    Application: Feature Lighting

LED Ground Light

  • LED Ground Light
  • Watts: 3W / 4W
    Colours: White / single-colour / RGB / RGBW options 

RGBW LED Lightbulb

  • RGBW LED Lightbulb
  • Watts: 7W per bulb
    Colours: RGBW
    Application: Home Lighting

LED Filament Bulbs

  • LED Filament Lightbulbs
  • Watts: 6W or 8W
    Fittings: E14 or E27
    Application: Domestic/commercial

RGB LED Spotlight

  • RGB LED Spotlight
  • Watts: 3.6W per housing
    LED: Luxeon Rebel
    Application: Feature Lighting

RGB LED Mini Spot

  • RGB LED Mini Spot
  • Watts: 3.6W per housing
    LED: Luxeon Rebel
    Application: Feature Lighting

AR111 LED Downlight

  • AR111 LED Downlight
  • Watts: 10.8W (14.4W RGBW)
    LED: Luxeon Rebel
    Application: Feature Lighting

MR16 LED Downlight

  • MR16 LED Downlight
  • Watts: 3W (4W RGBW)
    LED: Luxeon Z
    Application: Feature Lighting

RGB LED Downlight

  • RGB LED Downlight
  • Watts: 4.2W per housing
    LED: Luxeon K2
    Application: Feature Lighting

LED Neon Flex

  • LED neon flex
  • Watts: 4.6W per metre
    Application: Signage / Feature

RGB LED Wall Washer

  • RGB LED Wall Washer
  • Watts: 72W
    LED: Epistar
    Application: Feature Lighting

Specialist LED Tapes

  • LED tapes for specialist applications
  • Watts: 3.6W – 14.4W
    Application: Lightshow / Display / Signage / UV

LED Spotlight Replacement Bulbs

  • LED Spotlight Replacement Bulbs
  • Watts: 5W or 6.5W
    Fittings: GU10 or MR16

Other Lighting Products from InStyle LED

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