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Pool of lights – Liverpool swimming pool lit by InStyle

This striking outdoor pool-house in Liverpool uses a combination of 20-watt RGBW LED strips and RGBW LED downlights to create a space that can change its ambience and feel at the touch of a controller.

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wide-angle shot of LED lights in poolhouse

RGBW LEDs with dedicated warm-white chips

poolhouse LEDs at sunset

The newly-built pool-house is illuminated by over 30 metres of 20-watt RGBW LED strip lights. The LED chips selected for the dedicated ‘white’ components produce a warm-white hue (around 3,000 Kelvin).

This strip-lighting is complemented by two-dozen LED downlights, also with full RGBW functionality.

For easy colour and lighting control, the LEDs can be managed either by a wall-mounted controller in the pool-house, or by a handy remote unit.

Single-zone wireless RGB/RGBW LED wall controller

RGB Multizone WIFI controller

Remote and wall-mounted controllers for poolhouse RGBW LEDs

And because the project also includes one of InStyle’s wifi receiver/adaptor modules, the lights can be controlled through a handy Android/Apple smartphone app as well!

WIFI Adaptor for LED Control

This video shows the pool-house’s RGBW LED installation in full colour.
Liverpool outdoor pool-house RGBW LED installation

Protected against the elements

Because this location is inevitably prone to moisture, InStyle supplied the LED strips with protective heatshrink coating, giving them splashproof IP65-rated protection. (We can supply even better waterproofing for your outdoor projects; ask us about our IP67-rated LED tapes.)

Note that splashproof and waterproof LED strips must be cut to length at our warehouse, before we send out your order. This is because the heatshrink coating can’t be cut later without compromising the protection.

Just let us know the length(s) of tape your project needs and we’ll dispatch them ready to install!

waterproof LEDs - IP65 & IP67 rating

This video shows how heatshrink and glue-sealing can provide LEDs with protection up to an IP67 rating. Learn more about heatshrinking and waterproof LEDs on our support page.

Pool-house LED strip lighting creates an aquamarine hue

Products used in this LED project

The full pool-house installation comes alive with the following InStyle LED products:

Project portfolio

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