Project Description

This conversion – from austere workout space to a strikingly lit home cinema room – was carried out by Propserve Property Services of Lichfield.

The heart of the room’s flexible lighting system is 10 metres of RGBW LED striplights, all cut to length by InStyle’s experienced technical staff before delivery.

By fitting this high-quality easy-to-use product, Jay at Propserve opened up a nearly endless range of lighting choices for the homeowner.

Cinema / workout room from above

More colour than ever

Colour-mixing RGBW LED strips are simple to install and maintain, they’re extremely energy efficient, and they offer more colour control than ever. Unlike traditional RGB LED striplights, each RGBW diode houses four LED chips of different colours (RGBW stands for ‘red, green, blue, white’).

With RGBW striplights installed, you’ll be able to choose any shade of the spectrum by mixing red, green and blue… and there’s also the option of perfect white light, from dedicated white LEDs. (And the white chip in each LED also opens up an additional range of pastel colours that the three primary colours couldn’t create on their own, as well as the ability to mix whites with a subtle hint of colour.)

InStyle LED offers a choice of white-light tones for RGBW LED tape, and Jay decided to go with a cosy comfortable warm-white. Each metre of InStyle’s RGBW tape has 60 mounted LEDs, drawing just 20 watts. The full 10m of strip lighting that Jay installed is all powered by a single 200-watt transformer, and controlled through one of InStyle’s handy remote units, specifically designed for use with RGBW LEDs.

The installation pics that Jay sent us show how full control of your lights’ colour and brightness levels can transform the feel of a room.

Decorating with light

Shelving enhanced by LED feature lights

LED strip lighting brings a rich colour wash to any surface. Check the texture and shade that RGBW LEDs bring to walls, wood floors and fixtures in these pics.

Used together, feature LEDs and a zero-maintenance real flame fire create a striking complementary lighting design.

Shelving enhanced by LED feature lights

Project components


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