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TV room lit by RGBW LEDs – Media Panel Project2018-09-07T16:31:46+00:00

Project Description

TV-room media panel - RGBW LEDs set to blue light
This TV room installation creates its striking effect with a series of colour-changing LED tapes, fixed around a bespoke panel in which the screen is mounted.

The 10-watt RGBW LED strips that were selected for the project can mix four primary light pigments – red, green, blue and white (a warm-white tint was chosen) – to produce a vast palette of colours.

The LEDs are controlled by a hand-held remote, paired with one of InStyle’s inVyci-compatible multizone LED receivers. (There’s a choice of other LED controllers available.)

The panel’s LED strips are mounted in a similar fashion to those found on drop-ceiling installations. When they’re so close to a wall (or other surface), the LEDs may give unwanted reflections – so in order to avoid this, the strips are housed in frosted aluminium profiles (aka extrusions) which diffuse the light from the LEDs. This produces a smooth colour-wash effect on the surrounding wall.

Media panel with 10W RGBW LEDs This video shows how a clever RGBW LED installation lets you completely change the feel of a room.

Kitchen LEDs – main lights, working lights & feature lights

As part of the same project, 10W RGBW LED strips were installed in the kitchen of the house as well.

InStyle supplied all the LED tape (kitchen and TV-room media panel) pre-cut and soldered to the lengths required by the homeowner, ready for hassle-free installation right out of the box.

10W RGBW plinth/cabinet lighting This video shows the kitchen’s RGBW LEDs in operation.

The kitchen LEDs are mounted at three levels – to offer plinth/kickboard lighting, under-cabinet lighting and drop-ceiling lighting. Each level is paired to its own multichannel LED receiver, so each is a separate lighting system or ‘zone’ that can be controlled independently of the others (as this pic demonstrates).

Kitchen with three independent LED-lighting zones

The three multichannel receivers in the kitchen are controlled by the same hand-held remote unit as the TV-room media panel. In fact, this model of remote control can handle up to 8 independent lighting zones!

Products used in this installation

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