RGB Remote Controller (1 Zone)

  • RGB LED remote
  • Watts: 180W (12V)  – 360W (24V)
    Voltage: 12V – 24V 

RGBW Remote Controller (1 Zone)

  • RGBW remote control for LEDs - supplied with compatible receiver
  • Watts: 240W (12V)  – 480W (24V)
    Voltage: 12V – 24V 

8 Zone WiFi Remote Controller

  • Multi-Zone WiFi Controller
  • Watts: 288W (12V) – 576W (24V)
    Voltage: 12V or 24V 

RGB Wired Wall Controller (1 Zone)

  • RGB Wired Wall Controller
  • Single Channel
    Voltage: 12V or 24V

Wireless RGB/RGBW Wall Control (1 Zone)

  • Single-zone wireless RGB/RGBW LED wall controller
  • Single Channel
    Voltage: 12V or 24V

Wireless RGB/RGBW Wall Control (4 Zone)

  • 4 Channel Wireless RGB Controller
  • 4 Channels
    Voltage: 12V or 24V

RGB Wireless Wall Control (Battery)

  • Wireless RGB LED wall controller
  • Single Channel
    Voltage: 12V or 24V

RGB/RGBW Wireless Remote (Battery)

  • Detachable RGB/RGBW LED controller
  • Single Channel
    Voltage: 12V or 24V

RGB DMX Wall Controller

  • RGB DMX Wall Controller
  • Construction: stainless steel
    Fits: standard double gang 

Nicolaudie Advanced DMX Control

  • Nicolaudie advanced DMX control systems
  • Hardware: Stick, SLESA, etc.
    Software: Suite 2 range

WiFi Receiver / Adaptor

  • WiFi Adaptor
  • For use with WiFi-compatible controllers / dimmers

RGB LED Tape Controllers from InStyle

At InStyle LED, we have controllers to meet your RGB LED tape needs. Our range includes:

  • RGB Wireless LED controllers: These controllers use RF (radio frequency) – so you won’t need to be ‘line of sight’ with the receiver unit. The controllers have a touch colour wheel to select any shade of any static colour including white, and the option of colours scrolls and 0-100% smooth dimming.
  • RGB Multizone LED controllers: These controllers are very much like standard RGB Wireless controllers. But ‘multizone’ means that you can have several receivers in several areas and link them together wirelessly to do the same thing from either a wall unit or a remote control. You also have the option to control each ‘zone’ independently.
  • DMX Wall LED controller: The DMX wall controller is stainless steel wall controller with 3 rotary knobs. The first knob selects any shade of any colour; the second knob controls the dimming from 01-00% smooth; the third knob has 12 programmes, from pastel colours to time delays from 15 seconds right the way through to one hour. There is also an on board microphone for ‘sound to light’ mode.