InStyle’s RGB LED strip lights have been used to create a colourful wall wash in this bedroom.

What LED products were used?

Bedroom LED lights – RGB 15w 24v commercial grade (3 metres)
60-watt 24V transformer
Wireless touch controller
Optic Lens extrusion for LED strip (3 metres)

How were the bedroom LED lights installed?

First, the optic lens extrusion was installed into a recess that was cut out around the edge of the bed. Once the extrusion had been fitted in place, RGB bedroom LED lights could then be installed in it – fixed by the LED strip’s 3M self-adhesive backing.

The transformer and controller receiver were to be hidden away – fitted out of sight in a cupboard, where they would be plugged into a standard 3-pin wall socket. InStyle had supplied these bedroom LED lights pre-cut to a 3-metre length with a starter-lead already connected, so all the customer had to do was simply wire the LED strip to its controller receiver. In effect, buying this product combination means you have a pre-prepared kit for your bedroom LED lights, all ready for installation.

See the wiring diagram below:

Wiring used to control bedroom LED lights


How are the bedroom LED lights controlled?

Now they’re fully installed, these bedroom LED lights can be managed using an RGB wireless touch wheel controller. The handheld remote uses a radio-frequency (RF) signal to control the bedroom LED lights, so it doesn’t need line-of-sight to the receiver (the signal works up to 20m away). The controller offers a full range of static lighting colours – you can mix any shade in the spectrum; it will even output a high-quality pure white. You can also fully dim your bedroom lights (0-100%) and select colour scrolls.

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