InStyle’s RGB LED strip lights have been used to create stunning features throughout a luxury restaurant

The restaurant was under going a premium renovation and the owner was looking for colour changing LED lighting to be a main feature for restaurant with the ability to be able to control all of the lighting from one controller. The restaurant had special drop down ceiling sections made especially for the LED strip lights to be installed into, along with areas in both the front and back bars. As the restaurant owner had planned to use the LED strip lights they had allowed for the correct spacing and cabling ideal to make an easy install of the LED strip lights.

What was used:
80m x LED strip lights RGB 7.5w 24v commercial grade
4 x 150w transformers Enclosed
4 x DMX receiver modules
1 x DMX wall controller

How it was wired:
All of the transformers and DMX receivers were installed into one cupboard. From this area 4 core cable was taken from each DMX receiver to each area where the LED strip lights were being installed. 4 core 2mm was used in areas up to 20m away (this thickness of cable was required to avoid a voltage drop). Up to 20m of LED strip lights was wired back to one transformer and one receiver, wired in parallel due to numerous LED strips. InStyle LED had pre-made the LED strips to the lengths required. The LED strips were stuck into place using the 3m self adhesive backing supplied as standard.
The DMX receivers were linked together using cat5 cable and a cat5 cable was taken out of the last DMX receiver to the DMX wall controller. The DMX wall controller was 20m away behind the bar for ease of use. The wiring diagram but be very similar to this..


DMX wall controller wiring diagram for LED strip lights


How the LED strip lights are controlled
The RGB LED strip lights are fully controllable from the one DMX stainless steel wall controller. The controller allows you to select any shade of any colour, time delays, pastel colours, full dimming and even strobe effects with it’s on board microphone. The DMX wall controller can be used by anybody as it is very simple to use. Full  DMX wall controller PDF here


The effect

The results are stunning. The customer loved how bright the lights are and the effect is exactly what he wanted. The LED strip lights add mood and atmosphere to the restaurant and can be changed instantly by the rotation of a knob. All of the work staff understand and can use the controller after less than 10 minutes of playing around. When the customer has functions and party’s and requires more ‘upbeat’ colour change lighting he can simply select the ‘sound to light’ mode to create fast colour changing to the music and even strobing!

All of InStyle’s LED strip lights, controllers and LED transformers are in stock for next day delivery. Call 0116 2799083 for more information