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RGB Multizone WIFI controller

8-zone RGB/RGBW LED remote controller - side

8-zone RGB/RGBW LED remote controller - back

Multichannel LED receiver

Multichannel LED receiver (sold separately)

Product Video

Multi Zone Controller VideoConnect an RGB Multizone controller

Using Your Wireless RGBW Controller

Using your multizone remote control for LEDs

Wiring Diagram

RGB Multizone WiFi Controller Wiring Diagram

Example Project

Multichannel Wireless Receiver Wiring Diagram

Case Studies that use the RGB Multizone Controller

Conservatory, jacuzzi & kitchen - multizone RGBW LED project14.4 Watt 5050 SMD Blue LED Tape used in a wedding barIP67-rated 7.5 Watt RGB tape used for a garden summerhouseManchester's Make Me A DJ music studio & school - case study
Single-Channel Wireless RGBW Remote Troubleshooting PDF

RGB Multizone Remote Control

Radio Frequency (RF) | Wifi option
8 zones | Works with RGB & RGBW LEDs
Commercial Grade

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More than just a professional commercial-grade wireless system for LED lighting, this InStyle multizone remote control works with both RGB and RGBW LED tape (wired to one of our standard multichannel receivers), and is also wifi compatible. The remote has a touchscreen colour-wheel, enabling you to select any shade of any colour. The controller offers options from static colours and whites, through to colour scrolling and on/off.

With a choice of radio remote or wifi (with additional equipment), the controller does not require line-of-sight. The radio option has a range of 20 meters from the receiver, and you can install a receiver for each area of RGB/RGBW LED tape you want to control. Unlike some other remote systems, there is no limit to the number of receivers this RGB/RGBW multizone controller system can manage – making it ideal for large venues like clubs, bars and restaurants.

Multizone control

Not only is there no limit to the LED tape you can control from a single remote, but with this multizone controller you can also manage up to 8 zones independently! This makes the controller ideal for applications that require different settings for different areas, all controlled from one wireless remote control.

For example on a large club you set up could be:

  • Zone 1: Area = front bar | Setting = colour scroll
  • Zone 2: Area = cove lighting | Setting = static white
  • Zone 3: Area = back bar | Setting = Static red
  • and so on up to 8 zones!

The RGB/RGBW multizone Wifi controller also lets you synchronize control multiple zones – so in the example above, you could link the bar and coving lighting to the same settings. There’s also a mode that lets you control all zones together, if you want everything the same. The control this wireless system offers is unbelievable for its size and price, giving everything you need.

Don’t forget that you will need to purchase your multichannel wireless receiver units separately. Each receiver will power up to 40 meters of RGB 24v 7.2w LED tape, or up to 20 meters of RGB 14.4w LED tape.

  • Commercial Grade LED Controller
  • Ideal for internal use
  • Touch screen with colour wheel allowing choosing any shade of any colour
  • Controls both standard or high power 12v/24v LED tape
  • Can control up to 40m of 24v standard 7.2w LED tape
  • Radio remote doesn’t need to be ‘line of site’ with receiver
  • Remote works up to 20m away from receiver
  • Easy to install
  • Fully dimmable
  • Colour scroll options
  • Product Code: CT-RWIFI-8
ProductWireless RGB Controller
Radio Frequency:434MHz / 868MHz
Voltage Input:DC4.5 (3 x AAA)
Warranty:2 Years
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes
Dimensions (mm)43.8 x 131.6 x 24.5

Product Code: CT-RWIFI-8


ProductWireless Receiver
Radio Frequency:434MHz, 868MHz or 915MHz
Voltage Input:DC12~DC36
Power Output:288W 12V/576W 24V
Warranty:2 Years
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes
Dimensions (mm)58 x 168 x 28

Product Code: RC-RF-RGB

ProductMax Length
of LED Tape
12V 7.2 Watt RGB LED Tape 40 Meters
12V 14.4 Watt RGB LED Tape 20 Meters
24V 14.4 Watt RGB LED Tape 20 Metres

8-Zone Wireless RGB/RGBW Remote Datasheet PDF

8-Zone Wireless RGB/RGBW Remote Datasheet PDF

This product is inVyci compatible

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