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Tape to Tape Connector

Connect LED Tape to LED Tape
Commercial Grade

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With a simple click, InStyle LED’s tape to tape connectors can join strips of LED tape together, with no need for soldering. These snap-on connectors simply slide onto two separate lengths of LED tape, then clip down on them – effectively creating a single continuously connected strip, fully working from end to end.

Our tape to tape connectors are available for all products in our LED Tape ranges, including the white range and the RGB range. We also supply starter-lead to tape and flexible-link connectors.

LED tape to tape connectors are ideal if you are working onsite, or if you don’t know your required tape lengths when you order so we can’t pre-cut and solder them for you. In such cases, you can simply purchase your LED tape in standard 5m reels, then use connectors to create the exact lengths you require.

Product Code: CON-TT

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