TRIAC dimmer module

TRIAC dimmer module - open for wiring

Wiring Diagram

TRIAC Dimming Module Wiring Diagram

TRIAC LED Dimmer Module

Internal, Constant Voltage
Commercial Grade

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The InStyle TRIAC dimmer will give you TRIAC (phase-dimming) control from a standard LED power supply. A single channel receiver that will control both 12v and 24v, this TRIAC dimming module is wired in between your LED driver and LED tape, and a signal cable is then taken from the receiver to the TRIAC head unit.

Our TRIAC dimmer draws an input voltage of 100-240v AC. Output voltage 12v or 24v. This item is RoHS compliant and conforms to all UK safety standards.

  • Commercial Grade TRIAC Dimmer
  • 12V (180W) / 24V (360W) TRIAC light dimmer
  • Ideal for internal use
  • Product Code: RC-TRIAC
ProductTRIAC Dimmer
Wattage Output:180W (12V) – 360W (24V)
Voltage Output:12V or 24V
Voltage Input:12V or 24V
IP Rating:IP22
Warranty:2 Years
Product Code:RC-TRIAC
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes


Product Code: RC-TRIAC

TRIAC Dimming Module Datasheet PDF

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TRIAC dimmer module for LEDs by InStyle
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Brad Smith on TRIAC dimmer module for LEDs by InStyle
Mains Dimming

Great product that actually works on mains dimming!

by Stephen Taylor on TRIAC dimmer module for LEDs by InStyle
Quality as always

Another quality product from InStyle the does the job. Works on multiple controllers as well as in homes for mains dimming

by Izaak Burnstein on TRIAC dimmer module for LEDs by InStyle
Very nice product

A nice little product that works well with smooth dimming