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WiFi Adaptor/Receiver for LEDs – lighting control via your wifi hub2018-06-21T14:16:11+00:00

WIFI Adaptor for LED Control

Multichannel LED receiver range

Compact power supply for LED dimmers / LED controllers

Product Video

Case Studies that use the WiFi Receiver

IP67-rated 7.5 Watt RGB tape used for a garden summerhouse

Wiring Diagram

Wifi Adaptor wiring diagram

How to set up your Wifi Adaptor

How to set up a wifi adaptor / receiver to control LEDs via your phone or tablet

WiFi Receiver/Adaptor

For use with WiFi-compatible dimmers/controllers
Commercial Grade

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If you wish to control your LED tape through a smartphone app, then InStyle LED’s WiFi Receiver is an essential add-on. The app offers multi-zone functionality, meaning you can control separate areas individually or synchronise them together.

This small device requires a small (9-watt 12v) transformer. It can be used with any of InStyle’s WiFi controllers or WiFi dimmers, giving you the option to use the smartphone app alongside your controller. (Our product pages clearly state if a particular controller is WiFi-compatible.) You can even purchase the WiFi receiver with just our multicontroller receiver – and use the app to control your lights without any other physical controller.

You can use our WiFi receiver with either white LED tape wifi dimmers or RGB wifi controllers – so the smartphone app can dim LED tape or control your RGB colour settings. Very easy to use, the app lets you select any colour shade, fully dim your lights (0-100%), produce colour scrolls and even create lightshows driven by real-time music (sound to light).

The WiFi receiver can work either direct to your phone or through a WiFi hub.

ProductWiFi Receiver
Input Signal:WiFi
Output Signal:RF
Voltage:DC, +12~24V
Warranty:2 Years
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes
Dimensions (mm)100 x 55 x 24 (90 inc aerial)


Product Code: RC-WIFI-A

Wifi Adaptor / Receiver Datasheet PDF

This product is inVyci compatible

Premium-brand customers supplied by InStyle LED


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