We’ve posted about feature lights and highlighting before. Imaginative LED lighting is a subtle and simple way to reinvent any room. You can use it to draw attention to the best features and fittings, and create a sense of space.

Looking for inspirations? We’ve got some great new pics of recent projects, sent by our customers.

Ceiling lights

LEDs balance and enhance natural light

Ceiling-mounted white LED strips & thin-surface aluminium profiles balance and enhance natural light from door and windows.
“Everybody that has walked in has commented on the strips” – Gavin

Feature ceiling LED strips

Cut-out feature ceiling highlighted with coving LED lights and extrusions

Display features

LED tape in a display cabinet

LED tape in a display cabinet – ‘dot’ lighting effect is created by installing LEDs without using a LED profile (no light diffusion).
“I have used the leds to light up my AUTOart 1/18 and Lewis Hamilton Minichamps 1/18 collection and my Arai RX-7GP helmet” – Luke

TV under-cabinet LED lights

TV under-cabinet LED lights

Blinds & windows

Louvre blind and LEDs

Bare LEDs create an eye-catching effect on this louvre blind

LEDs highlighting frosted glass

White LED surround makes this frosted window and planters pop!
“I need to paint the pots… the lights look fab. Thank you very much for all your help” – Malini

Window-blind and cool LEDs

Window-blind brightened by cool white LED strip lights in this flat

Feature radiator

White LEDs backlight a radiator

Backlight white LED tapes can turn central heating into a striking decorative installation.
“It was a radiator that looked very plain and I thought lights behind it might make a feature of it” – Linda

Radiator without backlighting

Radiator with backlighting