The ULTRA-V-Box – UV mobile DJ lighting system

Studio 2 have created a new addition to their range of high-quality mobile club light systems. See it in action in the video below!

The Ultra-V-Box - UV mobile DJ lighting showreel

The Ultra-V-Box uses InStyle’s 24-volt ultra violet LED tape, 16 strips cut to length and arranged in a ‘star’ formation within a bespoke cabinet. The LEDs are centrally controlled, all working off a conventional 4-channel sound-to-light controller to produce eye-catching visuals. Four 24V Aurora LED power supplies drive the whole setup.

InStyle LED's Epistar branded ultraviolet LED strip lights

InStyle LED’s Epistar branded ultraviolet LED strip lights

We’ve posted work by Dave Basford of Studio 2 / In2Joinery before – check out our case study of his Retro Box mobile club lightbox, if you haven’t seen it already. Since then, Dave’s manufacturing facility has relocated to Dyfed in Wales.

“Your products as expected have been performing great,” he says. “I certainly enjoy showing them off at gigs and the punters love them.” He tells us that he intends to “continue to design and prototype more lighting effects in LED strip.”

The Ultra-V-Box - UV mobile club LED light system

The Ultra-V-Box in action

The Ultra-V-Box - pulsing UV lights

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