5 ways to modernise your kitchen

No need for a new kitchen

The kitchen can be the busiest room in a house that gets a lot of use over the years for more than just cooking and eating. The kitchen is the heart of the home that’s used for entertaining friends and family. With this in mind it can become tired over the years. Could your kitchen benefit from a glow up? We have put together 5 ways of modernising your kitchen.

1- Create a minimalist look

By clearing the kitchen sides and putting appliances away you don’t use this will make the kitchen feel more fresh, clean and modern. This option doesn’t cost anything at all and also requires no skills.

2- Paint the Kitchen cupboards

By painting the kitchen cupboards you can make your kitchen look like a completely new kitchen with not much cost involved and is something you can do yourself. Your colour choice is down to personal preference and depends on the look you are wanting to achieve. Many people would suggest light colours for smaller spaces and darker colours for larger spaces, we however feel a smaller kitchen would look stunning with darker colours on the cupboards if it is lit and accessorised well with other colours to compliment.

3- Vinyl wrap the kitchen work surfaces

Vinyl wrap known as fabalon can be used in many areas of the kitchen to modernise. This can be used on the kitchen work surfaces and also can be used as an alternative to painting the kitchen cupboards. Vinyl wrap is easy to do by yourself. We do recommend you practice on something first as those pesky air bubbles can be a bit of a pain. Once you have the hang of it it is a very cheap and practical way of modernising the kitchen.

4- Install LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip lights in the kitchen can make a kitchen look and feel a lot more modern. LED Strips can be placed in many different places to make an amazing effect that will wow your friends and family.

Adding plinth LED Strip lights creates a stunning effect and also under-cabinet Lighting can create an amazing effect. These can also be very practical as they are bright enough to use as a working light. Coving lighting/ above cabinet lighting can add a feature to your kitchen which can also be used as secondary lighting.

LED Strips can be installed in a variety of colours.  Pure white, warm white and neutral white are popular options for the kitchen area however RGB Strip Lights (Red, Green, Blue) can create a fun atmosphere. With this option you will need a controller unit to mix the three colours, by doing this it means you can make any shade you want.

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5- Replace the kitchen Cupboard handles

This sounds like something very small and you may think it wouldn't make much of a difference in your kitchen. Changing just the handles on your cupboards can have a massive impact by giving it a more modern look. This is a very quick, cheap and easy way of updating your kitchen.