LED Controllers for dual-white CCT LEDs

Multizone ZigBee Remote Controller

3-zone ZigBee Remote Controller

CCT LED Remote Controller (1 Zone)

Front of CT-ZB-TCCT-4

Multizone ZigBee CCT LED Wall Control

Dual-white multi zone wireless remote


With colour-temperature changing (CCT) LEDs, you can mix a nearly endless variety of white-light shades. InStyle’s dual-white CCT LED strip lights use high quality Epistar branded dual-white LEDs – each one housing both a warm-white and a pure-white diode. With this combination and a suitable CCT LED controller, you can create the perfect white-light tone for your home or business. Find out more about CCT LEDs on our inVyci dual-white CCT LED control-system page.

We offer the following dedicated controllers for your CCT LED projects and applications:

  • Single-Zone Remote Control/Receiver Kit: This LED kit offers a complete receiver and remote controller in a box. Installed together with a suitable transformer, these two units gives you full control over your dual-white CCT LEDs.
  • Wall-Mounted Controllers: Both of these units use RF (radio frequency) – so you won’t need to be ‘line of sight’ with the LED receiver. Choose either our rotary controller (with its own internal battery) or our touchpad controller to create your ideal shade of white light. Both also offer full 0-100% smooth dimming control.
  • Multizone Remote Controller: This controller is very similar to our CCT LED wireless wall controllers. But because it has ‘multizone’ functionality, you can pair it with multiple LED receivers in multiple areas. You can then control together wirelessly to do the same thing, or set each ‘zone’ independently.