White & Single-Colour Dimmers from InStyle LED

Multizone ZigBee Remote Controller

3-zone ZigBee Remote Controller

Wireless Dimmer-Controller (1 Zone)

Easy RF LED Dimmer

Easy RF LED Dimmer (1 Zone)

4 Zone ZigBee Wall Dimmer

single colour multizone wireless remote front view


At InStyle LED, we offer a range of dimmers to control your white or single-colour LED tape installations. With smooth dimming and complete control, from wall units to wireless remote controllers, InStyle has something to meet all of your LED lighting requirements.

Our range includes our single-zone remote-control dimmer and receiver kit, as well as other RF (radio-frequency) control options, and our new ZigBee LED dimmer (which is ideal for use with Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue and other ZigBee-compliant systems).

For more complex lighting installations, we can supply TRIAC-compatible wall panels (including an infrared remote, with pre-sets including 25%, 50%, 75% & 100%), or DALI rotary dimming controllers. Or for ultimate convenience, why not choose our handy 5-zone remote dimmer?

Call us to discuss the right dimmer for your LED project!